Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund Project Profiles

This tab within ASPE’s Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund Reports website contains snapshots of active and completed projects currently in the OS PCORTF portfolio. Projects within the two categories (both active and complete) are arranged in reverse chronological order: the earliest awarded projects entered first (e.g., lower on the list) and the most recently awarded projects shown on top. Multi-agency projects are described and entered as a full single project, not separated by the awards to each agency. The project is located according to the date of the earliest agency’s award. Please note that future entries to the completed list may change the order since the award dates may not be in the same order as the completion dates. The rationale for this organization is to show the development of the projects over time. Please click on the bars below to show the completed projects and active projects.

Active Projects

Completed Projects