Common Acronyms

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PLEASE NOTE: Some acronyms may stand for more than one phrase.

AAA  Area Agency on Aging
AAALF  American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
AAC  Area Advisory Committee
AAH  American Association of Homecare
AAHP  American Association of Health Plans [Direct Link]
AAHSA  American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
AAIDD  American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
AAMC  Association of American Medical Colleges
AAMR  American Association on Mental Retardation
AAPCC  Adjusted Average Per Capita Cost
AARP  American Association of Retired Persons [Direct Link]
AASA  Aging and Adult Services Administration
AAUAP  American Association of University Affiliated Programs for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
ABCD  Americans for Better Care of the Dying [Direct Link]
ABN  Advance Beneficiary Notice
AC  Alternative Care
ACCS  Assistive Community Care Services
ACDD  Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities
ACE  Acute Care for Elders
ACEP  American College of Emergency Physicians
ACF  -- Administration for Children and Families
-- Alternative Care Facility
ACHCA  American College of Health Care Administrators [Direct Link]
ACHE  Admission Clearinghouse Enterprise
ACLF  -- Adult Congregate Living Facility
-- Assisted Care Living Facility
ACO  Accountable Care Organization
ACOVE  Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders
ACP  Advance Care Planning
ACS  -- American Community Survey
-- Assistive Care Services
ACT  Assertive Community Treatment
ACTION  Advocates Committed to Improving Our Nursing
ACTS  ASPEN Compaints/Incidents Tracking System
ACYF`  HHS Administration for Children, Youth and Families
AD  -- Advance Directive
-- Alzheimer's Disease
ADA  -- Aged/Disabled Adult waiver
-- American Dental Association
-- Americans with Disabilities Act
ADAPT  Alzheimer's Disease Anti-Inflammatory Prevention Trial
ADC  -- AAHSA Development Corporation
-- Adult Day Care
ADD  -- Administration on Developmental Disabilities
-- Attention Deficit Disorder
Add Health  National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
ADEA  Age Discrimination in Employment Act
ADH  Arkansas Department of Health
ADHD  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADI  Alzheimer's Disease Initiative
ADL  Activity of Daily Living
ADR  Adverse Drug Reaction
ADRD  Alzheimer's Disease or a Related Disorder
ADS  Automated Discharge Summary
ADSA  Aging and Disability Services Administration
ADT  Admission, Discharge, Transfer
AE  Adaptive Environment
AEM  ASPEN Enforcement Module
AFC  Adult Foster Care
AFCARS  Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System
AFCH  -- Adult Family-Care Home
-- Adult Foster Care Home
AFDC  Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AFH  -- Adult Family Home
-- Adult Foster Home
AFMC  Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
AGH  Adult Group Home
AGI  Adjusted Gross Income
AHA  American Hospital Association
AHC  Academic Health Centers
AHCA  -- Agency for Health Care Administration
-- American Health Care Association
AHCCCS  Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
AHCPR  HHS Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (now the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
AHEAD  Asset and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest Old
AHEC  Area Health Education Center
AHIC  American Health Information Community
AHIMA  American Health Information Management Association [Direct Link]
AHRQ  HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (previously the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research)
AHS  American Housing Survey
AIDS  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIG  American International Group
AIME  Average Indexed Monthly Earning
AIP  Annual Implementation Plan
AK  Alaska
AL  Alabama
AL+  Assisted Living Plus
AL/RC  Assisted Living/Residential Care
ALC  Assisted Living Community
ALE  Assisted Living for the Elderly waiver
ALF  Assisted Living Facility
ALFA  Assisted Living Federation of America
ALP  Assisted Living Program
ALR  Assisted Living Residence
ALR-RC  Assisted Living Residence-Residential Care
ALR-SRHC  Assisted Living Residence-Supported Residential Health Care
ALS  Assisted Living Score
ALSA  Assisted Living Service Agency
ALTCS  Arizona Long-Term Care Systems
ALU  Assisted Living University
ALW  Assisted Living Workgroup
ALWPP  Assisted Living Waiver Pilot Project
AMA  American Medical Association
AMCRA  American Managed Care and Review Association
AMDA  American Medical Directors Association
AMSO  American Medical Specialty Organization [Direct Link]
ANA  -- Administration for Native Americans
-- American Nurses Association
AND  Allow Natural Death
HHS Administration on Aging [Direct Link]
APA  American Psychological Association
APC  Ambulatory Payment Classification
APD  Agency for Persons with Disabilities
APDRG  All Patient Diagnosis Related Group
APHA  American Public Health Association [Direct Link]
APM  Alternative Payment Methodology
APS  Adult Protective Services
APWA  American Public Welfare Association
AQ  Administrator Questionnaire
AR  Arkansas
ARC  -- AIDS Related Complex
-- Associated for Retarded Citizens
ARF  Area Resource File
ARM  Administrative Rules of Montana
ASA  -- American Society on Aging
-- Approved Service Agency
ASAP  Aging Services Access Point
ASCU  Alzheimer's Special Care Unit
ASL  American Sign Language
ASO  Administrative Services Organization
ASP  Application Service Provider
ASPE  HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation [Direct Link]
ASPEN  Automated Survey Processing Environment
ASPR  Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
ASTCDPD  Association of State and Territorial Chronic Disease Program Directors
AT  Assistive Technology
ATAC  Assistive Technology Advocacy Center
ASTHO  Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
ATSDR  Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATUS  American Time Use Survey
AWP  Average Wholesale Price
AZ  Arizona
AZT  Azidothymidine
B&B  Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study
B&C  Board and Care
BBA  Balanced Budget Act
BBRA  Balanced Budget Refinement Act
BCBS  BlueCross Blue Shield
BCU  Background Check Unit
BDS  Maine Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services
BEA  Bureau of Economic Analysis
BHO  Behavioral Health Care Organization
BHP  Behavioral Health Plan
BIA  Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIPA  Benefits Improvement and Protection Act
BIW  Brain Injury Waiver
BJBC  Better Jobs Better Care
BJS  Bureau of Justice Statistics
BLS  Bureau of Labor Statistics
BLSA  Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging
BMI  Body Mass Index
BOE  Basis of Eligibility
BPS  Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study
BRASS  Blaylock Discharge Risk Assessment Screen
BRFSS  Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
BSCI  Basic Supplement Criteria Inventory
BSCIP  Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program
BxRHIO  Bronx Regional Health Information Organization
C-II  Schedule 2 Controlled Substances
CA  -- California
-- Clinically Active
CAC  Clinical Application Coordinator
CADR  Ryan White CARE Act Data Report
CAH  Critical Access Hospital
CAHMI  Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative
CAHPS  Consumer Assessment of Health Plans
CAHSA  California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
CAP  -- College of American Pathologists
-- Community Alternatives Program
CAP/DA  Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults
CAPTA  Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
CARE  -- Client Assessment Referral Evaluation
-- Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation
-- Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act
CARES  Comprehensive Assessment and Review for Long Term Care Services
CARF  -- Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities
-- Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
-- Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
CARS  Community Awareness and Relocation Services
CATI  -- Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview
-- Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CBA  Community-Based Alternative
Clinical Baseline Assessment Instrument
CBO  -- Community-Based Organization
-- Congressional Budget Office
CBRF  Community-Based Residential Facility
CBS  Community-Based Services
CC  Coordinating Center
CCA  Cost Consequence Analysis
CCAD  Community Care for Aged and Disabled
CCB  Community Centered Board
CCCI  Community Caregiving Capacity Index
CCD  Continuity of Care Document
CCE  Community Care for the Elderly
CCHIT  -- Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology
-- Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology
CCLC  Continuing Care Leadership Coalition
CCPED  Community Care Program for the Elderly and Disabled
CCR  Continuity of Care Record
CCRC  -- Continuing Care Retirement Community
-- Continuous Care Retirement Community
CD  Consumer Directed
CDA  Clinical Document Architecture
CDBG  Community Development Block Grant
CDC  HHS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDDO  Community Developmental Disabilities Organization
CDDP  Community Developmental Disability Program
CDF  Childrens Defense Fund
CDPAP  Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program
CD-PAS  Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Service
CDR  Clinical Data Repository
CDS  Center for Demographic Studies
CDSS  -- Clinical Decision Support System
-- Clinical Decision-Support System
CE  -- Consumer Expenditure Survey
-- Customized Employment
CEA  Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
CEO  Chief Executive Officer
CEOSC  Comprehensive Employment Opportunities Support Center
CERC  -- Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center
-- Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication
CESSI  Cherry Enginneering Support Solutions, Inc.
CETA  Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1974
CFC  Choices for Care
CFLA  Community and Family Living Amendment
CforAT  Center for Accessible Technology [Direct Link]
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
CHAMPUS  Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHAMPVA  Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs
CHAP  -- Children's Hospital AIDS Program
-- Community Health Assessment Program
CHC  Community Health Center
CHCS  Center for Health Care Strategies [Direct Link]
CHEC  Community Health Environment Checklist
CHES  Caregiver Health Effects Study
CHF  Congestive Heart Failure
CHI  Consolidated Health Informatics
CHIEF  Craig Hospital Inventory of Environmental Factors
CHIP  Children's Health Insurance Program
CHIS  California Health Interview Survey
CHMIS  Community Health Management Information Systems
CHR  Community Health Record
CHS  Cardiovascular Health Study
CHSPR  Center for Health Services and Policy Research
CHSR  Center for Health Services Research
CHSRA  Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis
CHSRP  Center for Health Services Research and Policy
CICS  Customer Information Control System
CIL  Center for Independent Living
CIO  Chief Information Officer
CIP  Community Integration Program
CIS  Clinical Information System
CISS  Community Integrated Service Systems
CJTG  Critical Jobs Training Grant
CLASS waiver  -- Community Living Assistance and Support Services waiver
-- Community Living Assistance Services and Supports waiver
CLIA  Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
CLTC  Community Long-Term Care
CMA  -- Community Medical Associates
-- Cost Minimization Analysis
CME  Continuing Medical Education
CMHC  Community Mental Health Center
CMHS  Center for Mental Health Services
CMHSP  Community Mental Health Service Program
CMO  Care Management Organization
CMP  -- Civil Monetary Penalty
-- Competitive Medical Plan
CMR  Computerized Medical Record
CMS  HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (previously the Health Care Financing Administration)
CMWF  Commonwealth Fund
CNA  -- Certified Nurse Aide/Assistant
-- Certified Nursing Aide/Assistant
CNPI  Checklist of Nonverbal Pain Indicators
CNS  Community Nurse Service
CO  Colorado
COB  Coordination of Benefits
COBRA  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COD  Children of the Depression cohort
COI  Cost of Illness Analysis
COLA  -- Cost of Living Adjustment
-- Cost of Living Allowance
CON  Certificate of Need
CONQUEST  Computerized Needs-oriented Quality Measurement Evaluation System
CONTAC  Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Assistance Center
-- Community Options Program
-- Condition of Participation
COP-W  Community Options Program Waiver
COPD  -- Cardiopulmonary Disease
-- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
COPE  Caregivers' Out-of-Pocket Expense Survey
COPES  Community Options Program Entry System
CORE  Coalition of Organizations to Reform Eldercare
COTS  Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
CPAC  Competitive Pricing Advisory Committee
CPCH  Comprehensive Personal Care Home
CPI  Consumer Price Index
CPOE  -- Computer-based Provider Order Entry
-- Computerized Physician/Provider Order Entry
CPP  Care Provider Profile
CPQ  Care Provider Questionnaire
CPR  -- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
-- Center for Policy Research
-- Customary, Prevailing, and Reasonable
CPRS  Computer-based Patient Record System
CPS  -- Child Protective Services
-- Cognitive Performance Scale
-- Current Population Survey
CPSC  Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPST  Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment
CPT  Current Procedural Terminology
CPT-4  Current Procedural Terminology, Fourth Edition
CR  Care Recipient
CRC  Community Rating by Class
CRCF  Community Residential Care Facility
CRCS  Center for Residential and Community Services
CRF  Community Residential Facility
CRpac  Clinical Research Policy Analysis and Coordination Program
CRS  Congressional Research Service
CSAP  Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
CSAT  Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
CSC  Computer Science Corporation
CSE  Office of Child Support Enforcement
CSHCN  Children with Special Health Care Needs
CSHP  Center for State Health Policy
CSLA  Community Supported Living Arrangements
CSP  Community Supports Program
CSW  -- Community Support Waiver
-- Comprehensive Supports Waiver
CT  -- Clinically Trained
-- Connecticut
CTEP  California Training and Education Provider
CTI  Caregiver Training Initiative
CVA  -- Cerebral Vascular Accident
-- Cerebrovascular Accident
CWLA  Child Welfare League of America
DAAS  Division of Aging and Adult Services
Department of Aging and Disabilities
DADS  -- Department of Aging and Developmental Disabled Services
-- Department of Aging and Developmental Services
DAF  Data Abstraction Form
DAIL  Department of Disabilities and Independent Living
DALTCP  HHS Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy
DBC  Deaconess Billings Clinic
DBHR  Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery
DBNA  Data Base News in Aging
DBTAC  Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
DC  -- District of Columbia
-- Washington, D.C.
DCA  Direct Care Alliance [Direct Link]
DCC  Data Collection Coordinator
DCCT  Diabetes Control and Complications Trail
DCOHCF  District of Columbia Office of Health Care Financing
DCWI  Direct Care Workers' Initiative
DD  -- Developmental Disability
-- Developmentally Disabled
DDA  Developmental Disabilities Administration
DDP  Developmental Disabilities Profile
DDRC  Developmental Disabilities Resource Center [Direct Link]
DDS  Division of Disability Services
DDSD  Developmental Disability Services Division
DDSPD  Office of Developmental Disability Services Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
DDSS  Denver Department of Social Services
DE  Delaware
DEC  Data Entry Clerk
DEd  Department of Education
DEHPG  Disabled and Elderly Health Program Group
DES  Diethylstilbestrol
DESC  Downtown Emergency Service Center
DH  Disability and Health
DHCA  Department of Housing and Community Affairs
DHCPF  Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing
DHFS  Department of Health and Family Services
DHHS  Department of Health and Human Services [Direct Link]
DHMC  Denver Health Medical Center
DHMH  Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
DHS  -- Department of Health Services
-- U.S. Department of Homeland Security
-- Department of Human Services
DHSS  -- Department of Health and Senior Services
-- Department of Health and Social Services
DI  Disability Insurance
DIA  Department of Inspections and Appeals
DMAHS  Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services
DMAS  Department of Medical Assistance Services
DME  -- Disposable Medical Equipment
-- Durable Medical Equipment
DMH  -- Department of Mental Health
-- Division of Mental Health
DMR  Department of Mental Retardation
DMRS  Division of Mental Retardation Services
DMS  Division of Medical Services
DNAR  Do Not Attempt Resuscitation
DNR  Do Not Resuscitate
DoE  Department of Education
DOEA  Department of Elder Affairs
DOH  Department of Health
DoJ  U.S. Department of Justice
DOL  U.S. Department of Labor
DON  -- Determination of Need
-- Director of Nursing
DORS  Division of Rehabilitation Services
DPA  Diversified Placement Approach
DPAHC  Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
DPH  Department of Public Health
DPOA  Durable Power of Attorney
DPW  Department of Public Welfare
DQA  Division of Quality Assurance
DQR  Data Quality Report
DRA  Deficit Reduction Act
DRG  -- Diagnostic Related Group
-- Diagnosis Related Group
-- Diagnosis-Related Group
DRI  Dietary Reference Intake
DRS  Division of Rehabilitation Services
DSH  Disproportionate Share Hospital
DSHS  Department of Social and Health Services
DSM  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
DSMB  Direct-to-Consumer Advertisting
DSPD  Division of Services for People with Disabilities
DSS  Department of Social Services
DTC Direct to Consumer
DUR  Drug Utilization Review
DVR  Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
E-ARCH  Extended Adult Residential Care Home
e-HIE  Electronic Health Information Exchange
e-MAR  Electronic Medication Administration Record
e-TAR  Electronic Treatment Administration Record
EAO  External Affairs Officer
EAP  Employee Assistance Plan
EARC  Enhanced Adult Residential Care
EB  Early Boomers
EBM  Evidenced-Based Medicine
EBP  Evidence-Based Practice
ECC  Extended Congregate Care
ECCLI  Extended Care Career Ladder Initiative
ECF  Extended Care Facility
ECHO  Enhanced Community and Homecare Option
ECIN  Extended Care Information Network
ECLS  Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey
ECO  Enhanced Community Options
ECT  Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatment
ED  -- U.S. Department of Education
-- Emergency Department
EDD  Employment Development Department
EDI  Electronic Data Interchange
EFI  Electronic File Interchange
EHIS  Electronic Health Information System
EHIT  Emerging Health Information Technologies
EHP  Enriched Housing Program
EHR  Electronic Health Record
EHR-S  EHR System
EIS  Electronic Information System
EITC  Earned Income Tax Credit
EMR  Electronic Medical Record
EMS  Emergency Medical Services
EMTALA  Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
EN  Employment Network
ENCC  Exceptional Needs Care Coordinator
ENP  Elderly Nutrition Program
EOEA  Executive Office of Elder Affairs
EP  Eligible Professional


-- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
-- Exclusive Provider Arrangement
EPC  Evidence-based Practice Center
EPIC  Evaluation of Practice in Care
EPSDT  Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment program
ER  Emergency Room
ERC  Enhanced Residential Care
ERISA  Employee Retirement Income Security Act
ERS  Economic Research Service
ES  Employment Specialist
ESRD  End Stage Renal Disease
ET  Expenditure Target
ET CHOICES  Employment and Training Choices Supported Work Program
ETA  Employment and Training Administration
ETP  Employment Training Panel
EVR  Enhanced Vocational Rehabilitation
EXSPED  Expanded Service Payments for Elderly and Disabled program
FA  Fiscal Agent
FAAST  Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology
FACCT  Foundation for Accountability
FAEP  Federal Advisory Expert Panel
FAET  Federal Adverse Events Task Force
FAHA  Florida Association of Homes for the Aging
FALA  Florida Assisted Living Association
FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
FARS  Fatality Analysis Reporting System
FAST  Functional Assessment Staging Criteria
FBI  U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBR  Federal Benefit Rate
FCA  Family Caregiver Alliance [Direct Link]
FDA  HHS Food and Drug Administration
FDB  First DataBank
FDLE  Florida Department of Law Enforcement
FEHBP  Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
FEMA  U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFP  Federal Financial Participation
FFS  -- Fee For Service
-- Fee-For-Service
FHA  Fair Housing Act
FI  Fiscal Intermediary
FIA  Family Independence Agency
FICAP  Firearm Injury Center at Penn
FICC  Federal Interagency Coordinating Council
FICS  Family and Individual Consultation and Support
FIM  Functional Independence Measure
FIP  Family Independence Program
FL  Florida
FLiCRA  Florida Life Care Residents' Association
FLSA  Fair Labor Standards Act
FLTCIP  -- Federal Employees' Long-Term Care Insurance Program
-- Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program
FMAP  Federal Medical Assistance Percentage
FMLA  Family and Medical Leave Act
FPCG  Female Primary Caregiver
FPECA  Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging
FPL  Federal Poverty Level
FPO  Future Purchase Option
FQHC  Federally Qualified Health Center
FSA  Family Support Administration
FSII(R)  Functional Status Rating Scale
FSL  Family and Supported Living
FSW  Family Support Waiver
FT  Full-Time
FTC  Federal Trade Commission
FTE  -- Full Time Employee
-- Full Time Equivalent
FY  Fiscal Year
G-tube  Gastrostomy Tube
GA  -- General Assistance
-- Georgia
GAAP  Generally Acceppted Accounting Principles
GAFC  Group Adult Foster Care
GAIN  Greater Avenues for Independence
GAO  -- U.S. General Accounting Office (now the U.S. Government Accountability Office)
-- U.S. Government Accountability Office (previously the U.S. General Accounting Office)
GEC  Geriatrics and Extended Care
GED  General Educational Development/General Equivalency Diploma
GEE  Generalized Estimating Equation
GEM  Geriatrics Evaluation and Measurement unit
GeMCRIS  Genetic Modification Clinical Research Information System
GHAA  Group Health Association of America
GIC  General Insurance Commission
GIS  Geographic Information System
GME  Graduate Medical Education
GNP  Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
GPCI  Geographic Practice Cost Indexes
GRH  Group Residential Housing
GST  Group Skills Training
GUI  Graphical User Interface
GVF  General Variance Function
GWU  George Washington University
H&P  History And Physical
HAA  Hospice Association of America
HAN  Healthy Aging Network
HBPC  Hospital-Based Primary Care
HCB  Home and Community-Based Care Waiver
HCB-DD waiver  Home and Community-Based Services for the Developmentally Disabled waiver
HCBS  Home and Community-Based Services
HCE  Home Care for the Elderly
HCFA  HHS Health Care Financing Administration (now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
HCPCS  Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System
HCPR  University of Colorado Division of Health Care Policy and Research
HCS  -- Home and Community-based Service
-- Home and Community-based Services program
HCS-O waiver  Home and Community-Based Services OBRA waiver
HCUP QIs  Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Quality Indicators
HDS  Health Delivery System
HECM  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage
HEDIS  Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set
HERO  Homecare Empowerment, Research and Organizing
HFAM  Health Facilities Association of Maryland
HFD  Health Facilities Division
HFMA  Healthcare Financial Management Association
HHA  Home Health Agency
HHABN  Advance Beneficiary Notice for Home Health Care Services
HHANES  Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
HHC  Health and Hospitals Corporation
HHRG  Home Health Resource Group
HHS  -- Health and Human Services
-- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [Direct Link]
HHSC  Health and Human Services Commission
HI  -- Hawaii
-- Hospital Insurance
HIAA  Health Insurance Association of America [Direct Link]
HIC  Health Insurance Claim
HID  Health Improvement Division
HIE  Health Information Exchange
HIEN  Health Information Exchange Network
HIFA  Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability
HIMSS  -- Health Information and Management Systems Society
-- Health Information Management Systems Society
HIPAA  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIPC  Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperative
HIS  Health Insurance Study
HISKEW  Health Insurance Skeleton Eligibility Write-off
HIT  Health Information Technology
HITSP  Health Information Technology Standards Panel
HIV  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HL7  Health Level Seven (7)
HMC  Health Management Consultants
HMO  -- Health Maintenance Organization
-- Health Management Organization
-- Healthcare Management Organization
HMSA  Health Manpower Shortage Area
HOPE  Health Opportunities for People Everywhere (also known as Project HOPE)
HOS  Medicare Health Outcomes Survey
HP  Hewlett-Packard
HP2010  Health People 2010
HPRD  Hours Per Resident Day
HRA  -- Health Risk Appraisal
-- Human Resources Administration
HRCA  Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged
HRQL  Health-Related Quality of Life
HRS  -- Health and Retirement Study
-- Health and Retirement Survey
HRSA  -- Health and Retirement Savings Accounts
-- Health Resources and Services Administration
HSA  -- Health Savings Account
-- Health Systems Agency
HSLS  High School Longitudinal Study
HSP  Health Systems Plan
HSRA  Human Subject Research Subcommittee
HSRI  Human Services Research Institute
HTA  Health Technology Assessment
HUD  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
I&DD  -- Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
-- Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities
I&R  Information and Referral
IA  Iowa
IAA  Intra-Agency Agreement
IADL  Instrumental Activity of Daily Living
IAHSA  Iowa Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
IBC  -- Institutional Biosafety Committee
-- International Building Code
ICA  Iowa Caregivers Association
ICAP  Inventory for Client and Agency Planning
ICD-9-CM  International Classification of Diseases, ninth edition (Clinical Modification)
ICDR  Interagency Committee on Disability Research
ICE  International Collaborative Effort
ICF  -- Intermediate Care Facility
-- International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
-- Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Mental Retardation
-- Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
ICIDH  International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and Handicaps
ICNP  International Classification of Nursing Practice
ICP  Institutional Care Program
ICS  Informal Caregiver Supplement
ICU  Intensive Care Unit
ID  Idaho
IDEA  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDR  Informal Dispute Resolution
IEP  Individualized Education Plan
IES  Institute of Education Sciences
IFAS  Institute for the Future of Aging Services
IFMC  Iowa Foundation for Medical Care
IFS  Individual and Family Support
IGCLTC  Intra-Governmental Council on Long Term Care
IHC  Intermountain Health Care
IHCA  Iowa Health Care Association
IHIE  Indiana Health Information Exchange
IHPS  Institute for Health Policy Solutions [Direct Link]
IHSS  In-Home Supportive Services
IJO  Investment in Job Opportunities
IL  Illinois
ILC  Independent Living Center
ILP  Independent Living Partnership
ILRU  Independent Living Research Utilization [Direct Link]
ILTC  Institutional Long-Term Care
ILTCP  Inventory of Long-Term Care Places
ILTCRP  Inventory of Long Term Care Residential Places
IMD  -- Institution for Mental Disease
-- Institution of Mental Disease
IMSA  Insurance Marketplace Standards Association
IN  Indiana
INPC  Indianapolis Network for Patient Care
IO waiver  Individual Options waiver
IoG  Institute of Gerontology
Institute of Medicine
IPC  National Medical Expenditure Survey, Institutional Population Component
IPF  Inpatient Psychiatric Facility
IPPE  Initial Preventive Physical Examination
IPR  Independent Professional Review
IPS  -- Individual Placement and Support
-- Individualized Placement and Support
-- Interim Payment System
IPV  Intimate Partner Violence
IRA  Individual Retirement Account
IRB  Institutional Review Board
-- Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument
-- Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility-Patient Assessment Instrument
IRS  Internal Revenue Service
ISN  -- Integrated Service Networks
-- Intense Skilled Nursing
ISO  Intermediary Services Organization
ISP  -- Individual Support Plan
-- Individualized Service Plan
ISSA  International Social Security Administration
IT  Information Technology
IV  Intravenous
IU  Indiana University
IUF  Internal Use File
JACC  Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving
JAMA  Journal of the American Medical Association [Direct Link]
JCAHO  -- Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
-- Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
JCARR  Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review
JEOA  Journalists Exchange on Aging
JFO  Joint Field Office
JHHA  Jewish Home and Hospital Agency
JHHLS  Jewish Home and Hospital Lifecare System
KAHSA  Kansas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
KEN  Knowledge Exchange Network
KS  Kansas
KY  Kentucky
L&C  Licensing and Certification
LA  Louisiana
LAH waiver  Living At Home waiver
LAN  Local Area Network
LC  Licensed Counselor
LDS  Limited Data Set
LEIE  List of Excluded Individuals/Entities
LMA  Limited Medication Administration
LMH  Limited Mental Health
LMS  Lifetime Maximum Structure
LN  -- Licensed Nurse
-- Licensed Nursing
LNS  Limited Nursing Service
LOC  Level of Care
LOINC  Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes
LOS  Length of Stay
LPN  Licensed Practical Nurse
LRA  Laguna Research Associates
LSIA  Life Satisfaction Index A
LSOA  Longitudinal Study of Aging
LTAC  Long-Term Acute Care
LTC  Long-Term Care
LTCFM  Long-Term Care Financing Model
LTCI  Long-Term Care Insurance
LTC PSU  Long-Term Care Primary Sampling Units
LTC NR PSU  Long-Term Care Non-Self Representing Primary Sampling Units
LTC SR PSU  Long-Term Care Self-Representing Primary Sampling Units
LTCCS  Long Term Care Consultation Service
LVG  Lexical Variant Generator
LVN  Licensed Vocational Nurse
M+C  Medicare+Choice
M&E  Management and Evaluation
MA  -- Massachusetts
-- Medicare Advantage
MAA  Medical Assistance to the Aged
MAC  Medicare Administrative Contractor
MACIL  Michigan Association of Centers for Independent Living
MADL  Mobility Activity of Daily Living
MANPHA  Mid-Atlantic Non-Profit Health and Housing Association
MAO  Medicare Advantage Organization
MAR  Medication Administration Record
MAS  Maintenance Assistance Status
MB  Mid-Boomers
MC  Managed Care
MCARE  National Clearinghouse on Managed Care and Long-Term Supports and Services for People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families [Direct Link]
MCBS  Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey
MCO  Managed Care Organization
MCS  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
MD  -- Doctor of Medicine
-- Maryland
MDCH  Michigan Department of Community Health
MDCP  Medically Dependent Children's Program
MDS  -- Managed Delivery System
-- Minimum Data Set
MDS-ALS  Minimum Data Set-Assisted Living Services
ME  Maine
MedPAC  Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
MEPS  Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
MFCU  Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
MFP  Money Follows the Person
MFT  Marriage and Family Therapist
MGH  Massachusetts General Hospital
MH  Mental Health
MHA  Mental Health Authority
MHBG  Mental Health Block Grant
MHCC  Maryland Health Care Commission
MHHA  Montefiore Home Health Agency
MHMA  Mental Health Management of America
MHRA  Minnesota Human Rights Act
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
MI  -- Michigan
-- Myocardial Infarction
MiCDA  University of Michigan, Center on the Demography of Aging [Direct Link]
MIG  Medicaid Infrastructure Grant
MIN  Moving Ideas Network
MIPPA  Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act
MIS  -- Management Information System
-- Medicaid Information Service
-- Medical Information System
MLN  Medicare Learning Network
MLTC  Managed Long-Term Care
MMA  Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act
MMIS  Medicaid Management Information System
MMSE  Mini-Mental State Examination
MN  Minnesota
MO  Missouri
MOCDD waiver  Missouri Children with Developmental Disabilities waiver
MOST  Michigan Opportunities Skills Program
MOU  Memorandum of Understanding
MPAF  Medicare PPS Assessment Form
MPFS  Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
MPI  Master Patient Index
MPPC  Maine Primary Partners in Caregiving
MPR  Mathematica Policy Research [Direct Link]
MQA  Medical Quality Assurance
MR  -- Medical Review
-- Mental Retardation [Direct Link]
-- Mentally Retarded
MR/DD  -- Mental Retardation and Other Developmental Disabilities
-- Mentally Retarded and Other Developmental Disabilities
MRC  -- Managed Residential Community
-- Medicare Rights Center [Direct Link]
MREP  Medicare Remit Easy Print
MRHFP  Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program
MRI  -- Medical Records Institute
-- Myers Research Institute
MRLA  Mental Retardation Local Authority
MS  Mississippi
MSA  -- Metropolitan Statistical Area
-- Minnesota Supplemental Aid
MSHDA  Michigan State Housing Development Authority
MSHO  Minnesota Senior Health Options
MSO  Multi-Service Organization
MSQ  Mental State Questionnaire
MSIS  Medicaid Statistical Information System
MSPCA  Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
MSO  Managed Services Organization
MSQ  Mental Status Questionnaire
MT  Montana
MTE  maximum taxable earning
N4A  National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NA  -- Not Applicable
-- Nurse Aide
-- Nurse Assistant
-- Nursing Assistant
NAC  National Advisory Council
NACCHO  National Association of City and County Health Officials
NACHRI  National Association of Childrens Hospitals and Related Institutions
NADDC  National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils [Direct Link]
NAHC  National Association for Home Care
NAIC  National Association of Insurance Commissioners [Direct Link]
NAMCS  National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
NAPAS  National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems
NAPHS  National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems
NAS  National Academy of Sciences
NASDDDS  -- National Association of State Departments of Developmental Disability Services
-- National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services
NASHP  National Academy for State Health Policy
NASMHPD  National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors [Direct Link]
NASUA  National Association of State Units on Aging
NASW  National Association of Social Workers
NBER  National Bureau of Economic Research
NBS  National Beneficiary Survey
NC  North Carolina
NCAL  National Center for Assisted Living
NCANDS  National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
NCCC  National Chronic Care Consortium [Direct Link]
NCCNHR  National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
NCD  National Council on Disability [Direct Link]
NCDFS  North Carolina Division of Facility Services
NCDHHS  North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
NCEA  National Center on Elder Abuse
NCHCFA  North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association
NCHIT  National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
NCHS  HHS/CDC National Center for Health Statistics
NCHSD  National Consortium for Health Systems Development
NCHSR  National Center for Health Services Research
NCI  National Cancer Institute
NCMRR  National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research
NCOA  National Council on the Aging [Direct Link]
NCQA  National Committee for Quality Assurance
NCRC  National Consortium and Resource Center
NCRF  National Center of Residential Facilities
NCRR  National Center for Research Resources
NCS  National Comorbidity Survey
NCS-A  National Comorbidity Survey for Adolescents
NCS-R  National Comorbidity Survey Replication
NCSBN  National Council of State Boards of Nursing
NCSL  National Conference of State Legislatures
NCVHS  National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
NCVS  National Crime Victimization Survey
ND  North Dakota
NDC  National Drug Code
NDI  National Death Index
NE  Nebraska
NEA  National Endowment for the Arts
NECLC  National Emergency Child Locator Center
NEISS-AIP  National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program
NELS  National Education Longitudinal Study
NF  Nursing Facility
NFCSP  National Family Caregiver Support Program
NGA  National Governors Association
NH  -- New Hampshire
-- Nursing Home
NHAMCS  National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
NHANES  National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
NHATS  National Health and Aging Trends Study
NHC  Nursing Home Component
NHCS  National Health Care Survey
NHCU  Nursing Home Care Unit
NHD  Nursing Home Diversion waiver
NHDS  National Hospital Discharge Survey
NHES  National Household Education Survey
NHHCS  National Home and Hospice Care Survey
NHIC  National Health Information Center
NHII  National Health Information Infrastructure
NHIN  National Health Information Network
NHIS  National Health Interview Survey
NHIS-D  -- National Health Interview Survey Disability Supplement
-- National Health Interview Survey on Disability
NHO  National Hospice Organization
NHOPP  National Hospice Outcomes Planning Project
NHRA  Nursing Home Reform Act
NHS  -- National Health Services
-- National Hospice Study
NHTSA  National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration
NIA  HHS/NIH National Institute on Aging
NIAAA  National Institute Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse
NIBRS  National Incident-Based Reporting System
NIC  National Investment Conference
NIDA  National Institute of Drug Abuse
NIDRR  National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
NIFL  National Institute for Literacy
NIH  National Institutes of Health
NIMH  National Institute of Mental Health
NINR  National Institute for Nursing Research
NIS  National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect
NIS-2  Study of the National Incidence of Child Abuse and Neglect of 1988
NISH  National Industries for the Severely Handicapped
NJ  New Jersey
NJ EASE  New Jersey Easy Access, Single Entry
NLTCS  National Long-Term Care Survey
NLM  National Library of Medicine
NLS  National Longitudinal Survey
NLSY  National Longitudinal Survey of Youth
NLSY79  National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979
NLSY97  National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
NLTCS  National Long-Term Care Survey
NLTS  National Longitudinal Transition Study
NLTCS 2012  National Longitudinal Transition Study 2012
NLTCS2  National Longitudinal Transition Study 2
NM  New Mexico
NMCES  National Medical Care Expenditure Survey
NMCUES  National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey
NMES  National Medical Expenditures Survey
NMFS  National Mortality Followback Survey
NMHS  North Mississippi Health Services
NMMC  North Mississippi Medical Center
NNHS  National Nursing Home Survey
NORC  -- National Opinion Research Center
-- Naturally Occurring Retirement Community
NORS  National Ombudsman Reporting System
NOW  New Opportunities Waiver
NP  Nurse Practitioner
NPA  National PACE Association
NPI  Naitonal Provider Identifier
NPP  Non-Physician Practitioners
NPRM  Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NPSAS  National Postsecondary Student Aid Study
NQF  National Quality Forum
NR  Not Reported
NRA  Negotiated Risk Agreement
NRC-CWDT  National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology
NRH  National Rehabilitation Hospital
NRH-RC  National Rehabilitation Hospital Research Center
NRI  National Research Institute
NRP  National Response Plan
NS  Not Specified
NS-CSHCN  National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs
NSA  Notification of Study Admission
NSCF  National Survey of SSI Children and Families
NSCH  National Survey of Children's Health
NSCSL  National Senior Citizens Law Center
NSDUH  National Survey on Drug Use and Health
NSFH  National Survey of Families and Households
NSGA  National Senior Games Association
NSPO  National Study of Physician Organizations
NSRCF  National Survey of Residential Care Facilities
NSRF  National Survey of Residential Facilities
NSSATS  National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services
NSSCA  National Survey of Self Care and Aging
NSV  National Survey of Veterans
NTID  National Technical Institute for the Deaf
NTIS  National Technical Information Service [Direct Link]
NTO  Not Taken Out
NTP  National Treatment Plan
NUD*IST  Non-numeric Unstructured Data, Index Searching and Theorizing
NV  Nevada
NVDRS  National Violent Death Reporting System
NVISS  National Violent Injury Statistics System
NY  New York
NYDoH  New York Department of Health
NYS  New York State
NYSED  New York State Education Department
OAA  Older Americans Act
OAS  Office of Applied Studies
OASDI  Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance
OASIS  Outcome and Assessment Information Set
OBA  Office of Biotechnology Activities
OBQI  Outcome-Based Quality Improvement
OBRA  Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
OBTP  Outcomes-Based Treatment Planning
OCA  Office of Client Advocacy
OCESAA  Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act
OCR  Office of Civil Rights
ODEP  Office of Disability Employment Policy [Direct Link]
ODPHP  Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
ODS  Office on Disability Services
OECD  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFC  Oregon Fire Code
OH  Ohio
OHCDS  Organized Health Care Delivery Systems
OHCQ  Office of Health Care Quality
OHDS  Office of Human Development Services
OHIT  Office of Health Information Technology
OHP  Oregon Health Plan
OHRP  Office for Human Research Protections
OIG  HHS Office of the Inspector General
OIS  Office of Information Services
OK  Oklahoma
OK-WARN  Oklahoma Weather Alert Remote Notification
OLS  Ordinary Least Squares
OLTC  Office of Long Term Care
OMB  U.S. Office of Management and Budget
OMH  Office of Mental Health
OMR  Office of Mental Retardation
OMRS  Office of Mental Retardation Services
ONC  -- Office of the National Coordinator
-- Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
OPAL  Online Psychology Alerting
OPHS  Office of Public Health Services
OPPD  Office for Persons with Physical Disabilities
OPT  Outpatient Physical Therapy
OR  Oregon
ORD  Office of Research and Demonstrations
ORS  Office of Regulatory Services
ORT  Operation Restore Trust
OSCAR  -- Online Survey and Certification Automated Record
-- Online Survey, Certification, and Reporting System
OSERS  Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
OSHA  Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHPD  Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
OSP  Office of Social Programs
OSS  Optional State Supplementation
OSSC  Oregon Structural Specialty Care
OT  -- Occupational Therapist
-- Occupational Therapy
P&A  Protection and Advocacy
P4P  Pay-for-Performance
PA   -- Pennsylvania
-- Physician Assistant
PAC  Post-Acute Care
PACE  Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
PACS  -- Picture Archiving and Communication System
-- Picture Archiving Communications System
PACT  Programs for Assertive Community Treatment
PADL  Performance Activities of Daily Living Scale
PAHPA  Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act
PAI  Patient Assessment Instrument
PAL  -- Partners for Active Lifestyle
-- PTXT Application Language
PALS  Participation and Activity Limitation Survey
PARC  Practices and Resources Clearinghouse
PAS  -- Personal Assistance Service
-- Potential Advantages Score
-- Pre-Admission Screening
PASARR  Pre-Admission Screening and Annual Resident Review
PASP  Personal Assistance Services Program
PASS  Plans for Achieving Self Support
PATH  Pennsylvania Transition to Home
PBM  Pharmacy Benefit Manager
PBS  Public Broadcasting System
PC  -- Pastoral Counseling
-- Personal Care
-- Personal Computer
PCA  -- Personal Care Aide/Assistant/Attendant
-- Personal Care Alternatives
-- Personal Care Assistance
-- Philadelphia Corporation on Aging
PCC  -- Parent and Child Center
-- Primary Care Clinician
PCCM  Primary Care Case Management
PCH  Personal Care Home
PCP  -- Primary Care Physician
-- Primary Care Provider
PCRS  Patient Care Record System
PCS  Personal Care Service
PCSP  Provider Customer Service Program
PDA  -- Pennsylvania Department on Aging
-- Personal Digital Assistant
PDF  -- Portable Document File
-- Portable Document Format
PDS  Potential Disadvantages Score
PDUFA  Prescription Drug User Fee Act
PEACH  Positive Employment and Community Help
PEG tube  Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostromy Tube
PEP  Physicians Enhanced Program
PERS  Personal Emergency Response System
PETI  Post-Eligibility Treatment of Income
P/FDS waiver  
PFDS waiver  
Person and Family Direct Support waiver
PFI  Physical Functioning Inventory
PFTH  Program for the Handicapped
PGC  Philadelphia Geriatric Center
PHA  Public Housing Authority
PHEP  Public Health Emergency Preparedness
PHI  -- Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
-- Protected Health Information
PHP  Prepaid Health Plan
PHS  Public Health Service
PI  Principal Investigator
PIC  HHS Policy Information Center [Direct Link]
PIO  Public Information Officer
PIRS  Patient Index Reimbursement System
PMAP  Pre-paid Medical Assistance Program
PMHS  Public Mental Health System
PMRI  Patient Medical Record Information
PNA  Personal Needs Allowance
PNMI  Private Non-Medical Institution
PNS  Projects of National Significance
POC  -- Point Of Care
-- Point-of-Care
POLST  -- Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment
-- Physician's Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment
POS  -- Place of Service
-- Point of Service
-- Provider of Service
PPA  Preferred Provider Arrangement
PPACA  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
PPO  Preferred Provider Organization
PPS  Prospective Payment System
PQ  Partnership Qualified
PQRI  Physician Quality Reporting Initiative
PREP  Preparedness, Enrichment, and Predictability
PRF  Public Residential Facility
PRI  -- Patient Referral Instrument
-- Patrice Review Instrument
PRN  Pro re nata (commonly used to mean "as needed" in Latin)
PRO  Peer Review Organization
ProPAC  Prospective Payment Assessment Commission
PRTF  Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
PRWORA  Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act
PSDA  Patient Self-Determination Act
PSID  Panel Study of Income Dynamics
PSO  Provider Sponsored Organization
PSR  -- Physical Status Review
-- Psychosocial Rehabilitation
PSU  -- Prescreening Unit
-- Primary Sampling Unit
PSUR  Periodic Safety Update Report
PT  -- Part-Time
-- Physical Therapist
-- Physical Therapy
PTA  Parent-Teacher Association
PUF  Public Use File
PUNS  Prioritization of Urgency and Need for Services
PVRP  Physician Voluntary Reporting Program
PVS  Permanent Vegetative State
PWA  People with HIV/AIDS
PWD  People with Disabilities
QA  Quality Assurance
QALY  Quality-Adjusted Life Year
QAN  Quality Assurance Nurse
QI  -- Quality Improvement
-- Quality Indicator
-- Qualified Individual
QIC  Quality Improvement Consultant
QIO  Quality Improvement Organization
QIP  Quality Improvement Project
Quality Improvement Program for Missouri
QM  -- Quality Matters
-- Quality Measure
QMB  Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QMHP  Qualified Mental Health Professional
QPU  Quarterly Provider Update
QRS  Quality Reporting System
R&D  Research and Development
RAI  Resident Assessment Instrument
RAM  Reverse Annuity Mortgage
RAP  Resident Assessment Protocol
RBRVS  Resource-Based Relative Value Scale
RC  -- Related Condition
-- Residential Care
RCAC  Residential Care Apartment Complex
RCF  Residential Care Facility
RCFE  Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
RCH  Residential Care Home
RCHLA  Residential Care Home Licensing Act
RCI  Rosalynn Carter Institute
RCS  Residential Care Setting
RCT  Randomized Clinical Trial
REACH  Realizing Economic Achievement
RF  Rehabilitation Facility
RFID  Radio Frequency Identification
RFP  Request for Proposal
RFW  Residential Facility Waiver
RHC  Rural Health Clinic
RHIO  Regional Health Information Organization
RHORC  Regional Health Occupations Resource Center
RI  Rhode Island
RIA  Regulatory Impact Analysis
RIF  Research Identifiable File
RISP  Residential Information Systems Project
RN  Registered Nurse
RO  Regional Office
RPS  Representative Payee System
RR  Relative Risk
RRG  Risk Retention Group
RRT  Rapid Response Team
RSA  Rehabilitation Services Administration
RSN  Regional Support Network
RTAC  Research and Technical Assistance Center
RTC  -- Research and Training Center
-- Residential Treatment Center
RTC-MR&HP  Research and Training Center in Medical Rehabilitation and Health Policy
RTF  Residential Treatment Facility
RTI  Research Triangle Institute
RUG  Resource Utilization Group
RVU  Relative Value Unit
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation [Direct Link]
SA  Special Assistance
SACHRP  Secretary's Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections
SACRR  Secretary's Advisory Committee on Regulatory Reform
SACWIS  Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System
SAMHSA  HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SAMM  Self-Administered Medication Management
SAPTBG  Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant
SBA  Small Business Administration
SBHC  School-Based Health Center
SBHI  Small Business Health Insurance
SC  South Carolina
SCF  Survey of Consumer Finances
State Children's Health Insurance Program
SCI  Spinal Cord Injury
SCSEP  Senior Community Service Employment Program
SCU  Special Care Unit
SCU-A  Special Care Unit for Personson with Alzheimer's and Related Disorders
SD  South Dakota
SDO  Standards Development Organization
SDRI  San Diego Rehabilitation Institute
SDSD  Senior and Disabled Services Division
SDWP  Self-Determination Waiver Program
SE  Supported Employment
SEBHI  School Enrollment-Based Health Insurance
SED  Serious Emotional Disturbance
SEER  Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results
SEP  Service Entry Point
SFY  State Fiscal Year
SGA  -- Solicitation for Grant Application
-- Substantial Gainful Activity
SHCC  Statewide Health Coordinating Council
SHIP  State Health Insurance Assistance Programs
SHP  Specialized Health Plans
SHMO  Social Health Maintenance Organization
SHPDA  State Health Planning and Development Agency
SILJ  Survey of Inmates in Local Jails
SIP  Survey of Institutionalized Persons
SIPP  Survey of Income and Program Participation
SIS  Special Income Standard
SIFCF  Survey of Inmates of Federal Correctional Facilities
SISCF  Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities
SISCF/SIFCF  Survey of Inmates of State and Federal Correctional Facilities
SJ  Summary Judgment
SLF  Supportive Living Facility
SLMB  Specified Low-Income Medicaid Beneficiary
SLS  Support Living Services
SMA  Standard Metropolitan Area
SMHA  State Mental Health Agency
SMI  Serious Mental Illness
SMQT  Surveyor Minimum Qualifications Test
SMWT  Self-Managed Work Team
SN  Skilled Nursing
SNAKE  Special Needs Assessment for Katrina Evacuees
SNCC  Schervier Nursing Care Center
SNDO  Standard Nomenclature of Diseases and Operations
SNF  Skilled Nursing Facility
SNOMED  Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine
SNOMED-CT  Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine-Clinical Terms
SNU  Skilled Nursing Unit
SOA  Supplement on Aging
SPA  State Plan Amendment
SPD  -- Seniors and People with Disabilities
-- Summary Plan Description
-- Survey of Program Dynamics
SPED  Service Payments for Elderly and Disabled program
SPIA  Single-Premium Immediate Annuity
SPMSQ  Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire
SPR  Standard Paper Remittance
SPRY  Setting Priorities for Retirement Now [Direct Link]
SS/HS  Safe Schools/Healthy Schools
SSA  U.S. Social Security Administration
SSAW  Supports Services for Adults Waiver
SSB  SIPP Synthetic Beta
SSBG  Social Services Block Grant
SSC  Special Services for Children
SSDI  Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI  Supplemental Security Income
SSL  Social Service Law
SSN  Social Security Number
SSP  State Supplemental Payment
SUPPORT  Study to Understand Prognoses and Preferences for Outcomes and Risks of Treatments
SWPPA  Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnerships on Aging
T-TAP  Training and Technical Assistance for Providers
TA  Technical Assistance
TAG  Technical Advisory Group
TAHSA  Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
TAL  Tandem Application Language
TANF  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TAR  Treatment Administration Record
TB  Tuberculosis
TBD  To Be Determined
TBI  Traumatic Brain Injury
TC  Trial Court
TCM  Targeted Case Management
TCU  Transitional Care Unit
TDHS  Texas Department of Human Services
TEFRA  Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act
TEP  Technical Expert Panel
TEPR  Towards the Electronic Paper Record
TESA  Training and Encouragement for Senior Activity
THCA  Texas Health Care Association
TIA  Transient Ischemic Attack
TILE  Texas Index for Level of Effort
TIP  Treatment Improvement Protocol
TIRR  The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Title XIX  Medicaid (Title XIX of the Social Security Act)
TLC  Transition to Life in the Community
TLG  Through the Looking Glass
TN  Tennessee
TNH  Teaching Nursing Home
TOM  Task Order Monitor
TOO  Task Order Officer
TPN  Total Parenteral Nutrition
TSP  Thrift Savings Plan
TTW  Ticket to Work
TTY  -- Telephone Typerwriter
-- Teletypewriter
TWP  Trial Work Period
TWWIIA  Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Act
TX  Texas
TxHL waiver  Texas Home Living waiver
UC  Utilization Control
UCDHSC  University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center
UCHSC  University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
UCLA  University of California, Los Angeles
UCR  Uniform Crime Report
UDS  United Disability Services
UHIN  Utah Health Information Network
UHINT  Utah Health Information Network Tool
UI  -- Unemployment Insurance
-- Urban Institute
UKPDS  United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study
UPIN  Unique Physician Identification Number
UR  Utilization Review
URAC  Utilization Review Accreditation Commission
USDA  U.S. Department of Agriculture
USF  University of Southern Florida
UT  Utah
UTI  Urinary Track Infection
VA  -- U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (previously the U.S. Veterans Administration)
-- U.S. Veterans Administration (now the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)
-- Virginia
VAMC  Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VAWA  Violence Against Women Act
VCIS  Voluntary Cooperative Information Systems
VIReC  VA Information Resource Center
VISN  Veterans Integrated Service Network
VistA  Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture
VNA  Visiting Nurse Association
VNS  Visiting Nurse Service
VNSNY  Visiting Nurse Service of New York
VOICES  Victory Over Impairments of Communication, Expression and Speech
VR  Vocational Rehabilitation
VR&E  Vocational Rehabilitation and Education
VSP  Vertical Service Provider
VT  Vermont
WA  Washington State
WAHSA  Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
WB  War Baby cohort
WBT  Web-Based Training
WCGA  Wisconsin Caregiver Association
WEARC  Waiver for the Elderly in Adult Residential Care
WETA  Worker Education, Training and Assistance
WHO  World Health Organization
WI  Wisconsin
WIA  Workforce Investment Act
WIB  Workforce Investment Board
WIC  Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children
WIN  Welfare Information Network
WLLLW  Women Living Long and Living Well
WLS  Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
WtW  Welfare-to-Work
WV  West Virginia
WY  Wyoming
YETP  Youth Employment and Training Program