Advisory Council January 2018 Meeting Presentation: Progress Since October



Friday, January 26, 2018

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Progress Since October

Laura N. Gitlin and Rohini Khillan

Major Points for Review

  • 2018 Plan Update
    • Executive Summary
    • Tracking updates
    • Updating strategies under the goals
    • Soliciting and tracking non-federal items for Plan updates
  • Tracking Recommendations
  • Evaluation of progress
    • Link presentations to Plan goals/strategies
    • Use of a Driver Diagram
    • Subcommittee discussions
  • Strategic considerations as to how to optimize impact (ongoing discussions at subcommittee and advisory level)
  • Optimizing plan impact
    • Once have update to plan, develop strategy
    • May be a potential role for nonfederal members
  • Tracking Public Comments

January 26, 2018 -- Advisory Council Meeting #27

The meeting was held on Friday, January 26, 2018, in Washington, DC. The Research Subcommittee took charge of this meeting's theme, focusing on the process from targets to treatments. The Council heard speakers on the preclinical pipeline, the clinical trial pipeline, and the industry perspective. The meeting also included discussion of a driver diagram to guide the Council's future work, updates and a report from the October Care Summit, and federal workgroup updates. Material available from this meeting is listed below and at

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General Information




Presentation Slides



  • Updates since October meeting -- [Video]

  • NAPA Driver Diagram -- [Video]

  • Federal Updates -- [Video]

  • Public Comments -- [Video]

  • Research Subcommittee Agenda -- [Video]

  • Care Summit Update -- [Video]

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