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Poverty & Economic Mobility

ASPE releases the annual U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines, which are used to determine financial eligibility for some Federal programs. Presented here are the poverty lines for every State and the District of Columbia. You will also find extensive resources on poverty estimates, trends, and analysis, plus historical information on poverty and the Guidelines. More broadly, this section also encompasses issues like poverty and income dynamics, and asset building and financial literacy.


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Overview of the Final Report of the Seattle-Denver Income Maintenance Experiment

The Seattle-Denver Income Maintenance Experiment (SIME/DIME) was the last in a series of four, large-scale income maintenance experiments undertaken in the late 1960s and early 1970s to measure the disincentive effects of cash transfers on the market work of those eligible for them.

Review of Income Concepts Used in Economic Analysis

Prepared by: R. William Thomas Abt Associates Prepared for: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Contract:  HEW-100-76-0179 Each chapter of the Report is in PDF format.  Download a copy of the reader.