Family Leave for Lower-Income Working Families

Research indicates that paid family leave can support lower income working parents and improve their attachment to work around the time of birth.  Several states have paid family leave programs and in his last three budgets, the President has proposed to create a plan for nationwide paid family leave so that every new parent has the chance to bond with his or her newborn child.

Low-income families face unique challenges that may influence how they use family leave and related supports to maintain employment while caring for their families.  Consistent with the President’s executive order on economic mobility, which aims to improve employment outcomes and economic independence and address the challenges of populations that may particularly struggle to find and maintain employment, ASPE has produced a series of analyses considering how to make family leave and related policies most effective for lower income working families. 

These studies were conducted in collaboration or consultation with the U.S. Department of Labor. Related publications are:

ASPE has also produced several analyses on child care and the Child Care and Development Fund, another key work support for low-income families, which may be accessed here.