Advisory Council October 2017 Meeting Presentation: 2017 National Plan



Friday, October 27, 2017

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2017 National Plan

Rohini Khillan, ASPE

Main Points

  • FINALLY Released September 1, 2017
  • Updated Implementation Milestones
  • Officially a NATIONAL Plan, with items from members of the Council and other national partners
  • Recommendations from the Advisory Council and formal response from Federal agencies included in an appendix


  • Over 100 new items
  • 5 states provided new items or ongoing work: Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, West Virginia, and New York
  • 5 non-federal organizations have contributed items about their work over the past year, including partnerships conducted with the federal government.
    • Would like to encourage more to contribute

Discussion Questions

  • How do we open up the Plan to more organizations and people doing work around the country, without the Plan becoming too large and unwieldy?
  • How do we better disseminate the Plan to a wider audience, and how do we make our successes and progress clearer?
    • What's our elevator pitch?

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