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Advisory Council July 2017 Meeting Presentation: LTSS Committee Update

Friday, July 28, 2017

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Long-Term Services and Supports Committee Update


Administration for Community Living

  • 2017 ADSSP Funding Opportunity Announcement Review Complete Decision Announcement Pending for August 1 start date.
  • 2017 ADI-SSS Funding Opportunity Announcement Applications received and currently under review.
  • Coordinating a special electronic Alzheimer's and Dementia edition of Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging for publication later in 2017.
  • ACL issued continuation funding for the National Alzheimer's Call Center (Alzheimer's Association is grantee) for the next budget period (from 8/1/17-7/31/18).

Indian Health Service

REACH into Indian Country
Line chart.


REACH into Indian Country
Line chart.


REACH into Indian Country
Line chart.


July 28, 2017 -- Advisory Council Meeting #25

The meeting was held on Friday, January 26, 2018, in Washington, DC. The Research Subcommittee took charge of this meeting's theme, focusing on the process from targets to treatments. The Council heard speakers on the preclinical pipeline, the clinical trial pipeline, and the industry perspective. The meeting also included discussion of a driver diagram to guide the Council's future work, updates and a report from the October Care Summit, and federal workgroup updates. Material available from this meeting is listed below and is also available at

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General Information


Presentation Slides



  • Welcome thru Clinical Care -- [Video]

  • LTSS Research -- [Video]

  • Public Comments thru Federal Workgroup Updates -- [Video]

  • Recommendations thru Adjourn -- [Video]