National Plans to Address Alzheimer's Disease


National Plans to Address Alzheimer's Disease

The National Plan, originated in 2012, establishes five ambitious goals to both prevent future cases of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (AD/ADRD), and to better meet the needs of the millions of American families currently facing this disease.

  • Prevent and Effectively Treat Alzheimer's Disease by 2025.
  • Optimize Care Quality and Efficiency.
  • Expand Supports for People with Alzheimer's Disease and Their Families.
  • Enhance Public Awareness and Engagement.
  • Track Progress and Drive Improvement.

Below is a list of the original National Plan and the yearly updates, with links to both the HTML and PDF versions of that Plan. Also available is an Action Side-by-Side to show the progression of National Plan Actions over the course of NAPA.

NAPA and the Advisory Council invite anyone to submit comments. Comments can be about Advisory Council meetings, NAPA and its National Plans, or issues involving AD/ADRD. Emails can be sent to and will be included on the Public Comments page, as well as given to the Advisory Council. NOTE: Emails considered threatening or offensive, or found to be spam, will not be included on the Public Comment page. Slight editing may be necessary when included, but email context will not be changed.

Comments and questions, or alerts to broken links, should be sent to


National Plan 2020 Update

National Plan 2019 Update

National Plan 2018 Update

National Plan 2017 Update

National Plan 2016 Update

National Plan 2015 Update

National Plan 2014 Update

National Plan 2013 Update

National Plan 2012



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