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Aging & Disability

ASPE produces policy research focusing on older adults, Medicare, dual-eligible beneficiaries, individuals with disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and caregivers. Resources relating to aging and disability include advance directives, end-of-life care planning, elder abuse, long-term services and supports (LTSS), home and community-based services (HCBS), and healthy aging.


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Final Report on the Effects of Sample Attrition on Estimates of Channeling's Impacts

This report results from an investigation of the extent to which differential attrition from the research sample in the Channeling Demonstration might have led to biased estimates of program impact. Two analytical approaches were adopted--a heuristic approach and a statistical modeling approach.

Private Financing of Long-Term Care: Current Methods and Resources--Phase I Final Report

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The Effects of Sample Attrition on Estimates of Channeling's Impacts for an Early Sample

In the evaluation of the National Long-Term Care Channeling Demonstration, some members of the research sample were lost to the analysis due to sample attrition. Sample attrition could distort the treatment/control group comparison, depending on the type of attrition that occurred.

Long-Term Care Service Supply: Levels and Behavior

In this paper, the authors attempt to describe the current supply of institutional long-term care and to discuss the developments in the last 20 years that have affected that supply. The have not attempted to model quantitatively the growth of institutional care or its variation across areas.

The Comparability of Treatment and Control Groups at Randomization

This report analyzes the treatment and control groups in the National Long-Term Care Channeling Demonstration and concludes that the randomization procedure resulted in groups that are very similar on observable characteristics.

Source Book on Long-Term Care Data

Tables in this report were prepared in response to a contractual charge to analyze existing data sources for answers to as many long-term care questions as data and resources would permit. More than two dozen research papers containing roughly 500 tables were produced as a result of that effort. This report contains a substantial portion of those tables. [201 PDF pages]

Private Capacity to Finance Long-Term Care

This paper considers ways to determine the ability of users to contribute to the costs of their care. When better estimates of the costs of long-term care are known, the figures developed here can be used to indicate where shares of the health expenditure burden could be borne privately by individuals.

Private Capacity to Finance Long Term Care

Marilyn Moon Urban Institute