Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Team leads the development of the HHS Strategic Plan, ensuring that it reflects the activities that HHS is undertaking over the next four years. The Team aligns the HHS Strategic Plan's goals and objectives with our Priority Goals, the Secretary’s priorities, and other, topic-specific strategic plans implemented by the Department.  Our HHS Strategic Plan is web-based, a living document that can be updated as conditions change.  It is a lean, concise document that provides hyperlinks to more details about our department’s activities.  The Team works to ensure that the plan complies with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010, OMB Circular A-11, and related laws, policies, and executive orders on strategic planning.

The Strategic Planning Team works to ensure that our topic-specific strategic plans – addressing everything from vaccines, to health disparities, to preventing heart attacks and strokes – are supported by strong implementation plans, and that agencies regularly track progress on these plans.  The Team aims to integrate performance measurement, program integrity and risk management, research and evaluation, and budget information into topic-specific strategic plans to ensure that they are ambitious, but achievable, and that threats to performance and goal achievement can be identified and mitigated quickly.  The Team provides technical assistance to strategic plans to improve the quality of strategic planning and implementation tracking.

Past HHS Strategic Plans.