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Anu Warrier, D. Keith Branham, Christie Peters, Nancy De Lew, Thomas Buchmueller

This issue brief presents Marketplace enrollment and plan selections by race and ethnicity among 2015-2023 Open Enrollment Period enrollees in states using combined self-reported race and ethnicity information with imputed data for missing values. Overall, enrollment in Marketplace increased in 2023, and Black and Latino enrollment growth in Marketplace over the study period exceeds other race and ethnicity populations. After enhanced premium tax credits went into effect in 2021 under the American Rescue Plan (ARP), the share of Marketplace enrollees selecting a bronze plan decreased across all race and ethnicity groups between 2021 and 2023, while the share of enrollees selecting a silver plan with cost sharing reductions (CSRs) increased across all race and ethnicity groups over the same period. Silver plans with CSRs remain the most frequently selected plan overall and representing over half of all plan selections for certain underrepresented groups.

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ASPE Issue Brief
Black & African American People | American Indian & Alaska Native People (AI-AN) | Asian American & Pacific Islanders People (AAPI) | Hispanic, Latino, Latina, & Latinx People | Racial & Ethnic Groups | White People
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