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Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children's Health Insurance Program: Final Report to Congress

Publication Date
Oct 25, 2005

Prepared by:
Judith Wooldridge Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Genevieve Kenney The Urban Institute
Christopher Trenholm Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Lisa Dubay The Urban Institute
Ian Hill The Urban Institute
Myoung Kim Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Lorenzo Moreno Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Anna Sommers The Urban Institute
Stephen Zuckerman The Urban Institute

The final report of the SCHIP Evaluation focuses primarily on case studies and surveys of SCHIP enrollees and recent disenrollees in 10 study states, and on analyses of two national surveys that provide nationwide perspectives on SCHIP implementation and uninsured children's access to care. The report presents findings from an extensive analysis of the mandated surveys of SCHIP enrollees and disenrollees in 10 states, and of Medicaid enrollees and disenrollees in 2 states. The Evaluation addresses questions about SCHIP program design, implementation and evolution, SCHIP coordination with Medicaid, characteristics of enrollees, substitution of public coverage for private health insurance, SCHIP's effect on access to care, and family experiences with application and enrollment. [102 PDF pages]

Associated reports can be found here:

Product Type
Report to Congress
Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)