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Advisory Council April 2019 Meeting Presentation: Opening Session

Monday, April 29, 2019

Printer Friendly Version in PDF Format (4 PDF pages)


Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services


Fall 2019 New Members

  • Call for nominations in late May/early June
    • Announce in late August or early September
  • New leadership
    • Announce prior to July meeting
    • Shadow at July meeting

2018 Recommendations

  • Executive Summary available
  • Legislative Update


Council Business

Measuring Progress, Recommendations, "Moonshot" Updates

Measuring Progress since 2011

  • Agencies submitted measures, e.g.:
    • # of clinical trials/studies in different categories
    • # of interprofessional continuing educations sessions
    • # of dementia caregivers who received REACH-VA
  • Subcommittees provide feedback at May meetings
  • Agencies submit data in late June
  • Draft progress report for July meeting

2019 Recommendations

  • Subcommittees meet and formulate May-July
  • Build off 2018 recommendations
  • Look at progress measures
  • Driver diagram
  • Present and vote at July 29 meeting

"Moonshot" Group

  • First meeting 4/22
  • Update
  • Next steps