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Advisory Council January 2019 Meeting Presentation: Recommendations and National Plan Update

Monday, January 28, 2019

Printer Friendly Version in PDF Format (5 PDF pages)


Recommendations and National Plan Update: Timeline and Focus for 2019


Recommendations of Non-Federal Members

  • Developed by subcommittees
  • Approved by non-federal members
  • Inform the work of the agencies around the table
  • Shared with HHS leadership through clearance process
  • Shared with Congress

Recommendations Timeline

  • Spring/Summer 2019: Subcommittees meet and write recommendations
  • July 2019: Present recommendations and vote
Timeline: Subcommitees develop recommendations February-June 2019; Present recommendations and vote June-July 2019.

National Plan Timeline

  • Late 2018: Federal members review 2018 recommendations and plan to incorporate into 2019 Update
  • Spring/Summer 2019: Subcommittees meet and write recommendations
  • Federal subcommittee members identify major themes and interests and incorporate into the work they are planning for 2019/2020
  • July 2019: Present recommendations and vote
  • Call for new actions to 2019 Plan Update
  • October 2019: National Plan 2019 Update released
Timeline explained in bullets above.


  • Roughly halfway to 2025
  • What have we accomplished in the last 7 years?
  • What has been the impact of NAPA?
  • No recommendations for Goal 5: Improve Data to Track Progress in 2018; one recommendation on CMS reporting data in 2017

Proposal for 2019/2020 Themes

  • 2019: Where have we been and what have we accomplished so far?
  • 2020: What strategic steps do we need to take to meet our 2025 goals?

Process for 2019 Recommendations

  • Incorporate into every meeting
  • Federal members agree to identify data sources and measures from their areas and programs?
  • Goal-by-goal?
  • Subcommittee? Or outside group?
  • Focus additional recommendations in 2019 on measuring progress

Begin to think about 2020...

  • Targeted actions
  • Targeted investments
  • Moonshots