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Advisory Council July 2018 Meeting Presentation: 2018 Recommendations Next Steps

Friday, July 30, 2018

Printer Friendly Version in PDF Format (3 PDF pages)


Dissemination and Next Steps for 2018 Recommendations

Laura N. Gitlin, Rohini Khillan

Who currently receives recommendations:

  • The Secretary
  • Members of Congress
    • Speaker, VP, Members who have expressed past support or interest, Chair and Ranking Members of relevant subcommittees
      • Senate Special Committee on Aging
      • Senate HELP Committee
      • Senate Finance
      • Senate Appropriations
      • House Appropriations
      • House Energy and Commerce
      • House Ways and Means
  • Anyone on the NAPA Listserv

Who else should be targeted?

  • Particular organizations or listservs
  • Personal or specified messaging
  • Role of members in getting to those groups


  • Do we want to modify how the recs look based on who we are sending them too?
    • Modifying length
    • Modifying emphasis
  • If there will be specific messaging, should we also suggest how we want them to use the recommendations?
  • Should we request "action plans" from everyone about actionable steps they plan to take?
    • Develop a plan in your particular context and share with us

Working Group?

  • Group of non-federal members to think through dissemination of recommendations and any other products that come out of NAPA
  • Develop executive summary
  • Ordering the recommendations based on theme or driver diagram?
  • Identify and setup visits with Congress
  • Make sure that the wide variety of viewpoints represented on the Council are shared with stakeholders
  • "Other duties as assigned"