Advisory Council July 2018 Meeting Presentation: 2018 Draft Recommendations



Friday, July 30, 2018

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2018 Recommendations

Angela Taylor -- Research Subcommittee
Gary Epstein-Lubow -- Clinical Care Subcommittee
Debra Cherry -- Long-Term Services and Supports Subcommittee

2017 Recommendations

  • Compiled by the three subcommittees (Research, Clinical Care, and Long-Term Services and Supports) during their meetings in between larger Council meetings
  • Recommendations were voted on by all the non-federal members at the April 2017 Meeting
  • Subcommittee chairs wrote a brief overview as an introduction, Chair provided a cover letter
  • Recommendations were sent to the Secretary and Congress in June

Recommendations vs. Plan

  • Recommendations are the issues and gaps identified by the non-federal members of the Council that they think should be addressed
  • The National Plan is the government's yearly progress report on what federal agencies have accomplished on dementia
  • If there are Recommendations made by the Council that can be addressed by the federal agencies, they become action items in the National Plan

Use of the Driver Diagram

  • Each subcommittee used their own driver diagram to help frame their recommendations
    • Partners
    • Timeframe
    • Measures of success
    • Determining overlap across themes and topic areas
  • Once we have a final set of recommendations, we will fit them into the driver diagram so that there is one document to work from
    • This will form the basis for tracking work into next year until the 2019 recommendations

Subcommittee Chair Meeting - 7/20

  • Check for overlap and possible opportunities to combine and collapse
  • Standardization of language
  • Standardization of format
  • Standardization of length

How we plan to proceed

  • Each committee will have 30 minutes to discuss how they developed recommendations and present their recommendations
  • Review of recommendations from each committee
  • Discussion
  • Major modifications on a live document
    • Less focus on semantics and more on making sure important aspects are covered
  • Vote!

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