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TANF "Leavers" Applicants, and Caseload Studies: Study Design



Strategies for Achieving High Response Rates on Surveys

Designing Surveys

Designing Surveys that Examine Current TANF Caseload

  • Survey Design for TANF Caseload Project
    (Report by Martha Kovac, Robin Dion, Jason Markesich, and Donna Pavetti, MPR)
  • Studies of Welfare Populations:  Data Collection and Research Issues
    (Report edited by Michele Ver Ploeg, Robert A. Moffitt, and Constance F. Citro, NAS)
    The National Academy of Sciences convened a workshop on Data Collection on Low Income and Welfare Populations in December 1999. A number of papers were prepared for this workshop to assist state and local governments, universities, and research organizations who are conducting or interested in developing studies of low-income populations, including TANF leavers, applicants, and recipients. The topics of these papers include: strategies for Achieving High Response Rates on Surveys, Designing Surveys that Examine Welfare Leavers/Diverted Applicants, and Using Incentives in Surveys.

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Cross State Comparability

Administrative Data Measures

Comparing Leavers Survey Instruments

Leavers Findings