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Biomedical Research, Science, & Technology


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EHR Payment Incentives for Providers Ineligible for Payment Incentives and Other Funding Study

May 31, 2013
Michelle Dougherty and Margaret Williams AHIMA Foundation Michael Millenson Health Quality Advisors LLC Jennie Harvell U.S. Department of Health and Human Services June 2013  

Report to Congress on Workplace Wellness

April 30, 2013
One provision of the Public Health Service Act (Section 2705(m)(1)), as amended by the Affordable Care Act, directs that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in consultation with the Secretaries of the Treasury and Labor, gather relevant information from employers who provide

Assessing the Status and Prospects of State and Local Health Department Information Technology Infrastructure

December 31, 2012
This report describes how state health agencies(SHAs) and local health department(LHDs) use information technology systems to capture, manage, analyze, and report information.

Web-Based Benefit Access Tools: Mitigating Barriers for Special Needs Populations

October 31, 2012
This paper summarizes findings from eight in-depth case studies conducted for the "Helping Vulnerable Populations Access Public Benefits through Web-based Tools and Outreach" project.

Health Care Cost Containment and Medical Innovation

July 22, 2012
ASPE ISSUE BRIEF Health Care Cost Containment and Medical Innovation May 2012 By: Amber Jessup, Ph.D.