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Vaccine Hesitancy for COVID-19: State, County, and Local Estimates

Publication Date

To support state and local communication and outreach efforts, ASPE developed state, county, and sub-state level predictions of hesitancy rates using the most recently available federal survey data, the Household Pulse Survey from May 26-June 7, 2021. This page includes an interactive map, a pdf file with a methodological description, and datasets for download. Additionally, this page includes an issue brief that explores vaccine hesitancy among different geographic areas and sociodemographic groups, models which factors are associated with vaccine hesitancy, and examines changing trends over time.

The interactive map below shows estimates of the percent of the population in each county that may be vaccine hesitant. Additional data, including estimates of strong vaccine hesitancy and demographics can be viewed by clicking on an individual county. For estimates of vaccine hesitancy by PUMA, please click here. PUMAs are Public-Use Microdata Areas, local areas of roughly 100,000 people, as defined in the American Community Survey.

Due to the change in the survey instrument regarding intention to vaccinate, our estimates for “hesitant or unsure” or “hesitant” derived from April 14-26, 2021, are not directly comparable with prior Household Pulse Survey data and should not be used to examine trends in hesitancy.

You can further explore the Vaccine Hesitancy data or map data in table format.

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