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Reconnecting Youth: Compendium of Programs

Publication Date
Emma Alterman and Louisa Treskon

Compendium of Programs: Research Report and Overview 
The Reconnecting Youth compendium of programs provides an overview of 78 programs and the practices they employ to support young people who experience disconnection from school and work during their transition to adulthood.

The study team from MDRC and Child Trends conducted an expansive search to identify programs that met the scope of the compendium and fielded a qualitative questionnaire to all programs that met the scope. The 78 programs in the compendium together were projected to serve nearly 100,000 young people in 2021. The research report and overview provide high-level findings from the questionnaire and connects these results to findings from the evidence gap map. While not meant to be a comprehensive survey of all programs, the findings offer insights into what services and implementation practices are more common or less common, the use of innovative practices, and the breadth of activities programs undertake in support of young people.

Compendium of Programs: Online Tool
The online, interactive compendium of programs is a tool that allows you to explore 78 programs currently serving young people who are not in school across the United States. The compendium focuses specifically on services to help young people reconnect to education, obtain employment, and advance in the labor market. This online tool is designed to provide basic information about a diversity of programs; it does not provide all information about every program. The compendium links to each program’s website where you can learn more about the program.

You can access the compendium of programs on

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