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Housing Status Assessment Guide for State TANF and Medicaid Programs

Publication Date

This Housing Status Assessment Guide for State TANF and Medicaid Programs is part of a study entitled Homelessness Data for HHS Mainstream Programs, that explored the extent to which states collect data on housing status and homelessness from applicants for the two largest HHS mainstream programs that may serve individuals or families experiencing homelessness: Medicaid and TANF. This Guide is intended to provide recommendations on a set of standardized housing status and homelessness risk questions that could be incorporated into state applications for TANF and/or Medicaid. The Guide includes a Housing Status Assessment Tool, as well as a Housing Status Summary and an Assistance Priority & Response Matrix that could be used following assessment to determine the relative priority and appropriate intervention for each family or individual, based on present housing needs, as well as links to relevant federal resources. The taxonomy of questions presented in this Guide is provided solely as a resource for states interested in modifying current application questions and to promote coordination between mainstream social service programs and housing and homelessness assistance providers. It is important to note that modifying current application and data collection procedures is not intended to be a requirement for states interested in using this Guide. [18 PDF pages]

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