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Opportunities to Improve Data Interoperability and Integration to Support Value-Based Care

Publication Date
Frederic Blavin, Gary Ozanich, Laura Barrie Smith, Alex Horn, Christal Ramos

In value-based models of health care delivery, providers are financially rewarded or penalized on the basis of the quality of care they provide to patients, typically measured by patient outcomes. The specifics of value-based care models can take several forms, but in many cases—such as in accountable care organizations (ACOs)—they involve risk sharing or shared savings arrangements between multiple payer and provider organizations.

To achieve the goals of value-based care, all involved organizations must be able to effectively share and integrate data from multiple sources. Using qualitative case study interviews, this report aims to inform efforts to improve data integration to support value-based care. The contractor conducted interviews with individuals across 21 organizations selected for the prevalence of value-based care or evidence of advanced data integration. These stakeholder interviews focused on the current state of data integration, the uses of data integration in value-based care, and the barriers to and facilitators of data integration.