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An AI/AN Suicide Prevention Hotline: Literature Review and Discussion with Experts

Publication Date

This exploratory study provides background information pertaining to an American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Suicide Prevention Hotline. The topics explored include:  the extent of use of such a hotline by AI/ANs, barriers to use, hotline implementation models, cultural competencies needed by hotline staff, extent of AI/AN community support, and methods of involving of AI/ANs in the establishment and promotion of the hotline. The study includes:  1) a literature review that provides information about the problem of AI/AN suicide, the effectiveness of suicide prevention hotlines and attitudes towards hotline use and 2) telephone discussions with a small convenience sample of 13 federal and nonfederal expert informants working in the area of AI/AN suicide prevention. [47 PDF pages]

Product Type
Literature Review
Youth | American Indian & Alaska Native People (AI-AN) | Underserved Populations
Location- & Geography-Based Data
Tribal Communities