Profiles of Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansion Enrollment for Medicaid / Chip and the Health Insurance Marketplace, 10-1-2013 To 3-31-2014


May 1, 2014


This document contains state-level profiles that summarize key data relating to Affordable Care Act coverage expansion enrollment from the ASPE Health Insurance Marketplace Summary Enrollment Report For The Initial Annual Open Enrollment Period; For the period: October 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014 (Including Additional Special Enrollment Period Activity through 4-19-14), and the CMS Medicaid & CHIP: March 2014 Monthly Applications, Eligibility Determinations, and Enrollment Report. Data are provided on the number and characteristics of individuals who have selected a Marketplace plan (including those who have paid a premium and those who have not yet paid a premium, regardless of when their coverage began); and the change in Medicaid / CHIP enrollment, representing the difference between March 2014 enrollment and Pre-ACA Monthly Average Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment (July-Sept 2013). For more information, please see the Marketplace Summary Enrollment Report , and the March Medicaid/CHIP Enrollment Report.

Health Insurance Marketplace: Summary Enrollment Report

Addendum to the Health Insurance Marketplace: Enrollment Report

Second Addendum to the Health Insurance Marketplace Summary Enrollment Report

Health Insurance Marketplace: Summary Enrollment Report: Infographic

National Totals  SBM States Totals  FFM States Totals 
Alabama (AL)  Alaska (AK)  Arizona (AZ)  Arkansas (AR) 
California (CA)  Colorado (CO)  Connecticut (CT)  Delaware (DE) 
District of Columbia  Florida (FL)  Georgia (GA)  Hawaii (HI) 
Idaho (ID)  Illinois (IL)  Indiana (IN)  Iowa (IA) 
Kansas (KS)  Kentucky (KY)  Louisiana (LA)  Maine (ME) 
Maryland (MD)  Massachusetts (MA)  Michigan (MI)  Minnesota (MN) 
Mississippi (MS)  Missouri (MO)  Montana (MT)  Nebraska (NE) 
Nevada (NV)  New Hampshire (NH)  New Jersey (NJ)  New Mexico (NM) 
New York (NY)  North Carolina (NC)  North Dakota (ND)  Ohio (OH) 
Oklahoma (OK)  Oregon (OR)  Pennsylvania (PA)  Rhode Island (RI) 
South Carolina (SC)  South Dakota (SD)  Tennessee (TN)  Texas (TX) 
Utah (UT)  Vermont (VT)  Virginia (VA)  Washington (WA) 
West Virginia (WV)  Wisconsin (WI)  Wyoming (WY) 
State Profile data (pdf)  State Profile data and tables (excel)