Supporting Families in Transition: A Guide to Expanding Health Coverage in the Post-Welfare Reform World


This guide serves three purposes: First, it assists state policymakers and others in understanding what the Medicaid statute and regulations require of states in terms of Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, redetermination, notice and appeal rights, and other program and policy areas. Second, it discusses the Medicaid requirements and options that apply in three common scenarios: 1) when families seek TANF assistance; 2) when families leave TANF assistance; and 3) when families have no contact with the TANF program. Third, it points the reader to the various sources of funding that are available to states to pay for outreach, training, and other activities to help states bring their systems into compliance with the law and increase health insurance coverage for low-income families with children. [The PDF version is quite large and may cause delays in downloading.]

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