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Advisory Council November 2020 Meeting Presentation: Future Directions for LTSS

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Future Directions for Long-Term Services and Supports

Gretchen Alkema, Ph.D., Vice President, Policy and Communications, The SCAN Foundation

Growing Older in America: Aging and Family Caregiving during COVID-19

Americans' Concerns on Growing Older...

Thinking about your own personal situation as you get older, does each of the following cause you a great deal of concern? (vs. moderate, little, none)
Losing your independence and having to rely on others 47%
Losing your memory or other mental abilities 46%
Being able to pay for any care or help you might need as you grow older 40%
Having to leave your home and move into a nursing home 36%
Being a burden on your family 39%
Not planning enough for the care you might need when you get older 34%
Being alone without family or friends around you 34%
Leaving debts to your family 29%

Percent Older Loved One Needs Care in Next 5 Years

Pie Chart: Extremely/Very Likely 29%; Somewhat Likely 33%; Not Very/Not at All Likely 37%.

Percent Who Believe They Will Ever Need Help

Pie Chart: Extremely/Very Likely 10%; Somewhat Likely 45%; Not Very/Not at All Likely 35%.

Older Adults Risk Many Years of High Need

52% of Adults Age 65+ Have High Need
Pie Chart: No Need; Need Lasts Less than 2 Years; Need Lasts 2-5 Yeras; Need Lasts More than 5 Years.

Making Lemonade from a Very Sour Lemon: Capitalizing on Regulatory Flexibilities Born from the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency


A Post-COVID Aging Agenda for the 2021-2024 President: Five Big Ideas for Aging Well with Connections to Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

Federal Leadership

  • Appoint a White House-level leader on aging to build solutions in all domestic policy areas
  • Creates space for ADRD visibility at the highest level

State Leadership

Local Infrastructure

  • Bridge infrastructure divide between individual/family core needs and essential services
  • Amplify infrastructure solutions that are fully dementia-friendly

Health Security

  • Amplify value-based care delivery and payment
    • Leverage federal/state COVID flexibilities
    • Accelerate Medicare/Medicaid integration and Medicaid rebalancing to HCBS
    • Expand MA supplemental benefits
    • Ramp up virtual care/telehealth
  • Most value for those w/ ADRD!
    • Cost
    • Results
    • Quality

Economic Security

  • Recalibrate labor force engagement for family caregivers and uphold retirement security for all workers
  • Fosters ADRD visibility and planning in HR life cycle for family caregivers

The SCAN Foundation