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Advisory Council October 2014 Meeting Presentation: Developing Recommendations

Monday, October 27, 2014

Developing Recommendations

Look Back/Tighten Up/Look Forward

  • Should be original goals be reconsidered?
  • Progress is being made, but how do we most efficiently show it?
  • Length and detail of recommendations and priorities
  • Process used at arriving at recommendations
  • Increase collaboration between federal and non-federal members
    • Subcommittees and Federal workgroups
    • More non-federal input into the plan
  • Meeting topics / time allocation
  • Use of subcommittees and frequency/regularity of meetings

Appendix 2: Implementation Milestones

Screen Shot of Page 49, Appendix 2, from the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease: 2014 Update. See Note for URL.
NOTE: This Appendix can be viewed at 2014 National Alzheimer Plan page.

Next Steps to be Considered by FACA

  • Subcommittees review goals and strategies and determine if the goals need to be updated and consider if the right questions are being asked
  • Consider audiences for plan. Revisit structure of Annual Update to the Plan to more clearly articulate goals and measurable progress on goals
    • List strategies separately?
  • Possible creation of two separate lists of recommendations: one short-term and one long-term
    • Allow the FACA to be bold and still be practical
  • Agree upon metrics to be used to measure progress in achieving goals
  • Determine if the right people are around the table