Advisory Council October 2016 Meeting Presentation: Administration Transition



Monday, October 31, 2016

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Administration Transition

Rohini Khillan, ASPE

Main Points

  • November 8th is Election Day
  • January 20th is Inauguration Day
  • Depending on Congress's timing, we will have new political leadership at our Federal agencies over the first few months of 2017

Events so far...

  • Upon the official nomination of the party candidates, both major parties have established transition teams
  • Teams are receiving overview briefing books from ALL federal agencies with a general overview of federal activities
  • Transition teams cannot have contact with current federal employees and staff

After November 8th

  • Transition team from the winning party will get a more detailed set of materials
  • Agency landing teams--members of the incoming president's transition team tasked with gathering information about their assigned agency-- arrive after Election Day
  • Career staff continue to keep the government running

Biggest Takeaway

The change in administration will not affect the Advisory Council

The Council was enacted through legislation, so unless the law is ever overturned, the Council will continue to function through its end date in 2025

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