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What Challenges Are Boys Facing, and What Opportunities Exist to Address Those Challenges? Fact Sheets

These Fact Sheets offer facts about boys in seven research areas, or domains: victimization and mortality, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, mental health, education, employment, and constructive use of time. Also included are risk and protective factors that influence outcomes for boys in these domains.

Fact Sheets

  • Constructive Use of Time. Do constructive uses of time impact youth outcomes?  See a snapshot of boys participation in afterschool activities, physical activities, religious activities, volunteering and service learning, and employment and how these activities contribute to positive outcomes in youth.
  • Education How do family, school and community factors influence boys success or failure in school?  Learn about the many academic challenges boys can face, including learning disabilities, underachievement, and dropping out of school, as well as what contributes to academic success.
  • Employment Is having a job harmful or beneficial to boys?  This fact sheet presents trends in employment patterns among youth, where boys work, employment outcomes, and what happens when employment is connected with school and other activities.
  • Juvenile Delinquency What do we know about boys involvement with the juvenile justice system?  See trends in property crimes, violent crimes, status offenses, as well as risk and protective factors related to juvenile delinquency.
  • Mental Health What mental health issues are boys now struggling with?  Learn about how ADHD, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders affect boys, and how many actually receive treatment.
  • Substance Abuse Is alcohol, drug, and tobacco use among boys prevalent today, and what is the connection between substance abuse and other negative outcomes?  Read about boys use and abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco and their treatment rates.
  • Victimization and Mortality What influences contribute to boys becoming victimized  or victimizers?  This fact sheet offers an overview of the risk and protective factors that contribute to victimization and mortality among boys, as well as rates of victimization and mortality among boys.