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IV-E Prevention Toolkit: Assessing population, Service Needs, and Service Coverage

Publication Date

This toolkit aims to help states develop a plan for Title IV-E prevention services, and to assist states in planning a comprehensive array of services to help prevent the need for foster care placement (“prevention services”) by braiding Title IV-E prevention services reimbursement with Medicaid and other funding mechanisms. This tool, Assessing Population, Service Needs, and Service Coverage, includes questions and information to consider about the current characteristics of your state’s population, the landscape of services and providers, and insurance coverage and funding. A comprehensive assessment will allow you to consider the needs of your population and identify service gaps. Other parts of this toolkit may be found on the project’s landing page.

This toolkit offers considerations for planning and is organized as follows: Step 1. Identifying and engaging partners; This is Step 2. Assessing population, service needs, and service coverage; The other steps are 3. Determining priorities, goals, and actions; 4. Understanding roles of funding and decision points; 5. Developing a plan for Title IV-E prevention services

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