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HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2004-2009

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GOAL 1: Reduce the major threats to the health and well-being of Americans

Objective 1.1 Reduce behavioral and other factors that contribute to the development of chronic diseases
Objective 1.2 Reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies
Objective 1.3 Increase immunization rates among adults and children
Objective 1.4 Reduce substance abuse
Objective 1.5 Reduce tobacco use, especially among youth
Objective 1.6 Reduce the incidence and consequences of injuries and violence

GOAL 2: Enhance the ability of the Nation's health care system to effectively respond to bioterrorism and other public health challenges

Objective 2.1 Build the capacity of the health care system to respond to public health threats in a more timely and effective manner, especially bioterrorism threats
Objective 2.2 Improve the safety of food, drugs, biological products, and medical devices

GOAL 3: Increase the percentage of the Nation's children and adults who have access to health care services, and expand consumer choices

Objective 3.1 Create new, affordable health insurance options
Objective 3.2 Strengthen and expand the health care safety net
Objective 3.3 Strengthen and improve Medicare
Objective 3.4 Eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities
Objective 3.5 Expand access to health care services for targeted populations with special health care needs
Objective 3.6 Increase access to health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN)

GOAL 4: Enhance the capacity and productivity of the Nation's health science research enterprise

Objective 4.1 Advance the understanding of basic biomedical and behavioral science and how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease and disability
Objective 4.2 Accelerate private sector development of new drugs, biologic therapies, and medical technology
Objective 4.3 Strengthen and diversify the pool of qualified health and behavioral science researchers
Objective 4.4 Improve the coordination, communication, and application of health research results
Objective 4.5 Strengthen the mechanisms for ensuring the protection of human subjects and the integrity of the research process

GOAL 5: Improve the quality of health care services

Objective 5.1 Reduce medical errors
Objective 5.2 Increase the appropriate use of effective health care services by medical providers
Objective 5.3 Increase consumer and patient use of health care quality information
Objective 5.4 Improve consumer and patient protections
Objective 5.5 Accelerate the development and use of an electronic health information infrastructure

GOAL 6: Improve the economic and social well-being of individuals, families, and communities, especially those most in need

Objective 6.1 Increase the proportion of low-income individuals and families, including those receiving welfare, who improve their economic condition
Objective 6.2 Increase the proportion of older Americans who stay active and healthy
Objective 6.3 Increase the independence and quality of life of persons with disabilities, including those with long-term care needs
Objective 6.4 Improve the economic and social development of distressed communities
Objective 6.5 Expand community and faith-based partnerships

GOAL 7: Improve the stability and healthy development of our Nation's children and youth

Objective 7.1 Promote family formation and healthy marriages
Objective 7.2 Improve the development and learning readiness of preschool children
Objective 7.3 Increase the involvement and financial support of non-custodial parents in the lives of their children
Objective 7.4 Increase the percentage of children and youth living in a permanent, safe environment

GOAL 8: Achieve excellence in management practices

Objective 8.1 Create a unified HHS committed to functioning as one Department
Objective 8.2 Improve the strategic management of human capital
Objective 8.3 Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of competitive sourcing
Objective 8.4 Improve financial management
Objective 8.5 Enhance the use of information technology in service delivery and record keeping
Objective 8.6 Achieve integration of budget and performance information
Objective 8.7 Reduce regulatory burden on providers and consumers of HHS services