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Medicaid After Pregnancy: State-Level Implications of Extending Postpartum Coverage (2023 Update)

Publication Date
Sarah Gordon, Amelia Whitman, Sarah Sugar, Lucy Chen, Christie Peters, Nancy De Lew, Benjamin D. Sommers

This brief provides an overview of the important role Medicaid plays in postpartum maternal health, reviews states’ existing pregnancy-related Medicaid eligibility limits, and assesses the projected eligibility impact if all states were to provide 12 months of postpartum Medicaid eligibility. This Issue Brief updates a previous report that was originally published in December 2021. This brief presents additional state level data on potential gains in Medicaid postpartum eligibility with 12 months continuous postpartum coverage and reflects recent administrative and legislative actions on maternal health coverage.

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Product Type
ASPE Issue Brief
Mothers | Women | Low-Income Populations | Uninsured & Underinsured
Location- & Geography-Based Data
National Data | State Data