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Dear Friends,

My husband and I send greetings to all of you gathered this morning to discuss the challenges facing family caregivers. We share in your concern for the health and welfare of those who are dedicating their lives to care for loved ones who cannot care for themselves.

I have been asked to offer some advice to those who find themselves in the role of caregiver. From experience, I know haw important it is for caregivers to take good care of themselves as well as their loved one. It is important to take care of your physical well being by making sure you get enough rest and eat well, but it is also important to consider your emotional needs. I encourage caregivers to keep everyday life as normal as possible and to get out of the house on a regular basis. It may not be easy, but try to keep a sense of humor and allow yourself to do something you enjoy occasionally. Most of all, it is very important to accept the help and support of family and friends.

My husband and I applaud the efforts of everyone who is working so hard on behalf of caregivers. We hope your workshop today is successful in providing the information, hope and support that families need to cope.


Nancy Reagan

"Ensuring the Health and Wellness of Our Nation's Family Caregivers" Department of Health and Human Services Great Hall of the Hubert Humphrey Building 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington, DC 20201


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