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Cornerstones for Electronic Healthcare - NHII Conference July 20 - July 23, 2004 (Pre-Conference Materials)

NHII 04 Conference Logo

Pre-Conference Materials

The draft papers were prepared solely for the NHII 04: Cornerstones for Electronic Healthcare Conference background and to stimulate individual dialogue about the National Health Information Infrastructure at the conference. The factual nature of information conveyed in these documents has not been verified. Nor do the statements expressed in these documents represent the views, recommendations or policies of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, of any person or office of the Federal Government, or of the endorsing organizations, with which speakers, facilitators, or participants are affiliated.


Pre-conference Draft Papers by Topic
Personal Health PDF DOC
Governance PDF DOC
Incentives PDF DOC
Standards and Architecture PDF DOC
Confidentiality, Ethics, Privacy, and Access PDF DOC
Measuring Progress PDF DOC
Population Health PDF DOC
Clinical Research PDF DOC
Pre-conference Reference Materials
NHII Position Paper: A Consensus Action Agenda for Acheiving the National Health Information Infrastructure, Dr. William A. Yasnoff, et al. PDF  
Connecting for Health...A Public-Private Collaborative Achieving Electronic Connectivity in Healthcare
Working Group on Financial, Organizational and Legal Sustainability of Health Information Exchange - Summary of Financial Incentives PDF DOC
Working Group on Financial, Organizational and Legal Sustainability of Health Information Exchange - Summary of Organizational and Governance Recommendations PDF DOC
Working Group on Policies for Electronic Information Sharing Between Doctors and Patients PDF DOC
Technical Panel Recommendations PDF DOC
President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC)
Revolutionizing Healthcare through Information Technology PDF  


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