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Chart: Price Changes by Product - Text Version

Chart: Price Changes by Product, Post Blueprint Period in 2017 Compared to the Same Time Period in 2018

Between May 11, 2017 and August 15, 2017, price changes were recorded for 592 products. Of these, 485 products (418 brands and 67 generics) had price increases and 98 products had price decreases (10 brand and 88 generic products, respectively). In 2018, over the same time period, only 391 products had price changes – more than 200 fewer products. Brand product price increases occurred 60% less often in the study window during 2018, while generic increases grew 6% (observing 169 brand and 71 generic increases, respectively). Brand price decreases grew 106% in 2018 compared to 2017 (21 in 2018 compared to 10 in 2017). Generic price decreases were 48% more frequent (130 in 2018 compared to 88 in 2017). In total, price decreases grew by 54%, year over year.

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