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TANF "Leavers", Applicants, and Caseload Studies: Data Files: Los Angeles Public Use Data Files

File Name Size File Type File Contents Description
LA-Overview.doc 89KB Microsoft Word Notes for Researchers Using the Los Angeles County Welfare Leavers Public Use Data Sets MDRC compiled this document to facilitate the use of the public use data files by interested researchers. Contains important information abou the data.
Annotated TablesPUF Annotated tables 032203.xls 163KB Excel The report tables with the SAS variable names next to all of the measures. A good starting point for learning the variable names.


  SAS command The three data files in SAS format.  
Final ReportPost-TANF Core - final 4-19-02.doc 407KB Microsoft Word Final Report in MS Word Format.  
SAS programs   Various SAS files Programs to read the data and replicate the analysis. Also, the output from the programs include a listing of the contents of the file. The frequencies of the survey are also included.  
SVYFormatsformats.sc2 88.3KB SAS A SAS Formats library for the survey file.  
SurveyInstrumentFIN_QUE.DOC 306KB Microsoft Word The survey instrument.  

ASPE staff compiled this table of contents, April 2003.