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Integrating Substance Use Disorder and OB/GYN Care

This report and issue brief are based on a project to review care delivery approaches for integrating OB/GYN and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services. The project included a scan of OB/GYN and SUD program models, literature review on the effectiveness of integrated OB/GYN and SUD program models and a meeting that ASPE convened with subject matter experts. The project used the SAMHSA-HRSA Framework for Levels of Integrated Care and adapted it to the provision of SUD and OB/GYN services. The program scan and literature review identified 10 distinct models of care and a variety of methods for integrating OB/GYN and SUD care. This included emerging and existing models of care, standalone and statewide efforts to integrate OB/GYN and SUD care, services addressing social determinants of health, and partnerships supporting integrated OB/GYN and SUD care. Technical experts and interviewees recommended expanding the definition of integrated care to include various types of providers, clinical and nonclinical support services, payment information, and family member support. Barriers such as stigma and shortage of SUD providers are reviewed with potential opportunities to address them in context of integrated OB/GYN and SUD care.

This report was prepared under contract #HHSP233201600021I between HHS’s ASPE/BHDAP and Research Triangle Institute. For additional information about this subject, you can visit the BHDAP home page at or contact the ASPE Project Officer, at HHS/ASPE/BHDAP, Room 424E, H.H. Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201;,

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