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HHS Data Council: Introduction

Purpose of the HHS Data Council:

The HHS Data Council is the principal, senior internal departmental forum for and advisory body to the Secretary on data policy. The Council guides and informs health and human services data policy in HHS, including the development and implementation of an HHS data strategy, data standards, and privacy policy. HHS has taken a number of steps to address key data needs, promote a coordinated HHS wide strategy on data issues, and strengthen the Department's ability to work in collaboration with private sector entities, State and local governments, and other partners.

HHS plays an essential role in creating health and human services data and information for decision-making by supporting strong data collection, analysis and dissemination systems and by collaborating as a partner with other health and human services entities in the public and private sectors on common data interests. In addition, HHS plays a national leadership role in health and human services information policy, including national data standards, privacy policy, and national health information infrastructure issues.

Data Council Membership:

The HHS Data Council consists of senior level officials designated by their operating and staff division leadership. It is co-chaired by the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation and the Director of the National Center for Health Statistics. ASPE provides administrative support and coordinates the activities of working groups of the Council. ASPE’s senior privacy policy expert is also a member of the Council. Members speak for their principals on data policy issues. The Council operates by developing consensus on data policy issues.

Data Council Products:

The Data Council's long-term agenda is typically implemented by ASPE staff members and subcommittees who bring issues to the full Data Council for modification and/or approval. Final recommendations, policies, and documents from the Data Council are then made available for general distribution and implementation by the appropriate agencies and/or sent to HHS leadership.

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