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2000 Green Book


The 2000 Green Book Background Material and Data on Programs within the Jurisdicition of the Committee on Ways and Means

October 6, 2000 (17th edition)

Prepared for the use of Members of the Committee on Ways and Means by members of its staff. This document has not been officially approved by the Committee and may not reflect the views of its Members.

Table of Contents.

Those who wish to use this document in the Acrobat PDF format, may do so through the generosity of Professor Paul A. Jargowsky, Ph.D at the University of Texas at Dallas on his website.

The 1998 (16th edition) of the Green Book.

The 1996 (15th edition) of the Green Book.

The 1994 (14th edition) of the Green Book.

Notes for users:

The Green Book is compiled by the staff of the Committee on Ways and Means of the U.S. House of Representatives from many sources and it provides program descriptions and historical data on a wide variety of social and economic topics, including Social Security, employment, earnings, welfare, child support, health insurance, the elderly, families with children, poverty and taxation. It has become a standard reference work for those interested in the direction of social policy in the United States.

Persons who download these chapters for local use should be aware that many of these chapters have very wide tables of data (20 or more columns) which are difficult to format properly. Fonts with proportional spacing cause the numbers in the tables to be misaligned and normal width pages cause the right hand columns within rows to wrap to the next line. This makes the tables undecipherable. I suggest that after you have downloaded these pages, each file be formatted with a fixed-width font such as Courier and when wide tables are encountered that the page format be adjusted to 14 inch paper in landscape format.

For your convenience, a compressed copy of the 2000 Green Book (, (1.4 mb) available here.

Please send your comments/suggestions to Kimberley Berlin


Section 1. Social Security: The Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Programs (347 kb)

Section 2. Medicare (403 kb)

Section 3. Supplemental Security Income (252 kb)

Section 4. UnemploymentCompensation (125 kb)

Section 5. Earned Entitlements for Railroad Employees (72 kb)

Section 6. Trade Adjustment Assistance (46 kb)

Section 7. Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (398 kb)

Section 8. Child Support Enforcement Program (398 kb)

Section 9. Child Care (227 kb)

Section 10. Title XX Social Services Block Grant Program (42 kb)

Section 11. Child Protection, Foster Care, and Adoption Assistance (449 kb)

Section 12. Social Welfare Programs in the Territories (49 kb)

Section 13. Tax Provisions Related to Retirement, Health, Poverty, Employment, Disability and Other Social Issues (228 kb)

Section 14. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (47 kb)

Section 15. Other Programs (490 kb)


Appendix A. Data on the Elderly (45 kb)

Appendix B. Health Status and Expenditures of the Elderly, and Background Data on Long-Term Care (93 kb)

Appendix C. National and International Health Care Expenditures and Health Insurance Coverage (180 kb)

Appendix D. Medicare Reimbursement to Hospitals and Physicians (389 kb)

Appendix E. Medicare+Choice (122 kb)

Appendix F. Data on Employment, Earnings, and Unemployment (48 kb)

Appendix G. Data on Families (192 kb)

Appendix H. Data on Poverty (168 kb)

Appendix I. Budget Tables (120 kb)

Appendix J. Welfare Benefits for Noncitizens (91 kb)

Appendix K. Spending for Income-Tested Benefits, Fiscal Years 1968-98 (40 kb)

Appendix L. Monitoring the Effects of Pre- and Post-TANF Welfare Reform Initiatives (403 kb)

Appendix M. Data on Nonmarital Births to Adults and Teenagers and Federal Strategies to Reduce Nonmarital Pregnancies (41 kb)