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Asset Building & Financial Literacy


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Consumer Education Initiatives in Financial and Health Literacy

This report summarizes findings from a review of literature about health literacy and financial education and from interviews with persons involved in initiatives in these areas, primarily federal personnel. It also highlights areas of commonality between financial and health literacy, and suggests ways each field can learn from the other. [75 PDF pages report; 59 PDF pages appendices]

Marriage Education, Financial Literacy, and Asset Development Roundtable: Meeting Summary

This report summarizes a Roundtable Meeting convened by ASPE in February 2008. The Roundtable brought together researchers and practitioners from the marriage education, financial literacy, and asset development fields to begin a dialogue on the relationship between healthy marriages and financial practices.

Marriage Education, Financial Literacy, and Asset Development Roundtable Meeting Summary

Prepared by: Elise Corwin Anupa Bir Pamela Joshi RTI International Robert F.

Determinants of Asset Building

This report provides a policy-oriented conceptual framework that has the potential to explain saving and asset accumulation across the entire population and to account for the low levels of saving and asset accumulation in the low-income population. The report also reviews empirical evidence that supports or challenges this framework. [PDF - 104 pages]