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TANF "Leavers", Applicants, and Caseload Studies: Data Files: Massachusetts Public Use Data Files

File Name File Type File Contents Description
codebook2 Microsoft Word Massachusetts Welfare Leavers Study April 2000, Codebook This codebook is set up as a table. The column headings are: question number, variable name, question wording, value labels (indicates skip patters). Rows are for the different questions and variables. Appendices A-M for the codebook provided the codes for questions with lengthy response categories.
dta.fieldreport.2 Microsoft Word Field Report: Survey of Massachusetts Welfare Leavers This provides a detailed project narrative for the survey including: sampling plan, design, fielding dates, response rates, etc.
final instrument Microsoft Word Massachusetts Welfare Leavers Study Fall 1999 Questionnaire Questionnaire used for the study
Researcher Notes.doc Microsoft Word Notes on the data sets Contains additional information on the data sets concerning known problems with the data. IMPORTANT
Survey Data File Guide for CSR Survey File Microsoft Word Template Survey Data File Guide for MA Welfare Leavers Study--CSR public use data This table provides information about the file name, file type, file format, number of observations, record length, record format, record identification variable, unit of analysis, relating files, and description
Survey Overview Microsoft Word Survey Overview of the Massachusetts Leavers Study This is a brief project narrative.
Survey Summary Table Microsoft Word Template Survey Summary Table of the Massachusetts Welfare Leavers Study This table provides information concerning the survey design, study population, sample design, number of completes, response rate, and survey approach.

* ORC Macro, TA contractor for Welfare Outcomes Data Files, Sept. 2001, compiled this table of contents.

You may obtain these files by downloading them in "zipped" format: