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UI as a Safety Net for Former TANF Recipients

Publication Date
Apr 13, 2008

This report analyzes whether former TANF recipients who lose their jobs apply for and receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits and it describes the role of UI in TANF leavers' well-being and the types of employment deficits that might prevent their access to UI. This study uses newly available data linking information on both TANF and UI receipt to study the extent to which unemployed TANF leavers apply for and receive UI benefits, as well as the reasons they are denied. Analyses also examine how UI receipt relates to TANF cycling, as well as the relationship between TANF and UI caseloads. Data are part of the Administrative Data Research and Evaluation Project (ADARE), a consortium of states funded by the Department of Labor and managed by the University of Baltimore. The report uses longitudinal data from Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)