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Facilitating Consumer Choice: Standardized Plans in Health Insurance Marketplaces

Publication Date
Rose C. Chu, Jacquelyn Rudich, Aiden Lee, Christie Peters, Nancy De Lew, Benjamin D. Sommers

Standardized plans are a policy option that can simplify Marketplace consumer comparison shopping and bring more value to consumers by offering the same deductibles and cost-sharing across plans. This report provides an overview of the evidence to date on how standardized plans can potentially benefit consumers, improve health equity, and enhance plan competition. This brief also describes the current landscape of standardized plans in State-based Marketplaces and the current proposal to add standardized plans to for Plan Year 2023.

*This content is in the process of Section 508 review. If you need immediate assistance accessing this content, please submit a request to Rose Chu, (202) 260-0073, Content will be updated pending the outcome of the Section 508 review.

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