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Plan Selections by ZIP Code in the Health Insurance Marketplace: January 2016

Publication Date

The dataset provides the total number of Qualified Health Plan selections by ZIP Code for the 38 states that use the platform, including the Federally-facilitated Marketplace, State Partnership Marketplaces and supported State-based Marketplaces, during the Marketplace open enrollment period to date (November 1, 2015 – January 9, 2016).

The data represent the net number of unique individuals who have been determined eligible to enroll in a Marketplace plan and had selected a plan for 2016 coverage by January 9, 2016. The dataset does not include plan selections from the District of Columbia and 12 other states that have State-based Marketplaces.

The 8.68 million plan selections for these 38 states were tabulated by ZIP Code according to the home address provided by each Marketplace applicant. Data for ZIP Codes with 50 or fewer plan selections are suppressed due to privacy concerns. A total of 14,791 ZIP Codes from the 38 states are listed in the table, which account for 8,483,819 plan selections. ZIP Codes without data account for only 2 percent (198,652 plan selections) of the total 8.68 million plan selections.

The sum of plan selections among ZIP Codes within a state using this dataset may not be equal to state-level totals provided in other documents. This is because ZIP Code-level data do not appear for ZIP Codes with 50 or fewer plan selections, and as a result the dataset does not include all plan selections within a state. Additionally, in a small number of cases, the state of Marketplace enrollment may not correspond to the state in the address provided — for example, individuals with a seasonal address.


The following information is included within the dataset:

  • ZIP Code: the United States Postal Service ZIP Code for the home address provided by the Marketplace applicant.
  • State Name: the state corresponding to the ZIP Code.
  • Plan Selections: the total number of unique individuals who have been determined eligible to enroll in a Marketplace plan and have selected a plan through one of the 38 states described above during Marketplace open enrollment period to date, through January 9, 2016.

January 2016 Zip Code Enrollment Data File

Product Type
Uninsured & Underinsured
Location- & Geography-Based Data
National Data
Health Insurance Marketplace