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Meeting the Challenge of Serving People With Disabilities: A Resource Guide for Assessing the Performance of Managed Care Organizations

Publication Date

This Resource Guide is designed to support efforts to measure and improve Medicaid MCO performance for people with disabilities. It presents the results of an extensive search for existing performance measures that can be used for quality measurement and improvement by: State Medicaid agencies; managed care organizations themselves; providers within MCOs; and people who advocate for the health care needs of those with disabilities. The purpose of the Resource Guide is threefold: (1) To provide an overview of the issues to be considered in measuring the performance of MCO in taking care of people with disabilities; (2) To bring together in one volume key information about measures that now exist, or are about to be made available, that can be counted on to support efforts to measure and improve the care provided by MCOs to people with disabilities; and (3) To make clear the areas where technically strong measures do not exist, in order to encourage further measurement development in these areas. [93 PDF pages]

People with Disabilities