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How Have Long-Term Services and Supports Providers Fared in the Transition to Medicaid Managed Care? A study of Three States

Publication Date
Nov 30, 2013

State Medicaid programs are increasingly transitioning long-term services and supports (LTSS) and LTSS service users from fee-for-service into managed care. In 2004, eight states had managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS) programs; by 2012 the number had doubled to 16; and by the end of 2014, almost half the states (24) are expected to have MLTSS programs. This in-depth study of three states (Delaware, Tennessee, and Minnesota), with one, three, and 15 years' experience with MLTSS respectively was reassuring insofar as it found that most traditional LTSS providers faced challenges after the transition to MLTSS but continued to be viable. [46 PDF pages]

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