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Gauging the Use of HCBS Support Waivers for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Profiles of State Supports Waivers

Publication Date
Sep 30, 2006

A project was funded by ASPE to: (a) gather descriptive information on HCBS waivers, both comprehensive and supports, operated for people with I&DD in 17 states with the supports waivers; (b) determine how supports waivers have emerged as separate and distinct HCBS waivers; (c) better understand the range of participant characteristics and experiences that distinguish supports waivers from other HCBS waiver programs for people with Iⅅ and (d) more fully appreciate how states view supports waivers as a way to address demand for HCBS. This document provides information pertaining to the first of these steps, offering a profile of the HCBS waivers in operation in each of 17 states. [123 PDF pages]

People with Disabilities