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Disparities in Quality of Care for Midlife Adults (Ages 45 - 64) Versus Older Adults (Ages > 65)

Publication Date
Apr 30, 2010

This report discusses disparities in care of baby boom patients with diabetes who become eligible for Medicare. It also examines disparities related to cardiovascular conditions because of their prevalence among older adults and their association with diabetes. Specifically, this report contains 1.) an overarching conceptual model for disparities in midlife adults (45 – 64) vs. older adults (>65); 2.) key findings from the literature on disparities in health care quality among midlife and older adults, including disparities based on gender, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic factors; and 3.) an analysis of data from the National Medical Expenditures Panel Survey, to explore whether patterns of disparities differ between midlife and older adults, guided by specific research questions. A discussion of policy implications and recommendations for future directions for research into disparities of care, particularly among older adults, is also included. [72 PDF pages]

Older Adults