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Analysis of the Characteristics of Medicare Advantage Plan Participation: Final Report

Publication Date
Jul 16, 2006

By: Mathematica Policy Research

Prepared for: Office of Health Policy

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Executive Summary  (in PDF format - 8 pages)


Many people made valuable contributions to this report. Emily Loriso, our project officer at ASPE, and her colleagues provided useful feedback throughout the project. We are also grateful to both the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as our work with them on other projects contributed to the data files that were available to support the ASPE work. Robert Hurley, of the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University was a consultant on this project responsible both for conducting some of the firm discussions and for providing advice and feedback on the qualitative portion of the analysis.

This report also benefited from the support of a number of Mathematica staff without whom it could not have been produced. Miriam Loewenberg developed the analysis file for this project and advised on programming specifications. Ama Takyi and Dawn Phelps did the programming work for the tables. Sarah Davis and Judy Ng contributed to scheduling and summarizing notes from the firm discussions. Tim Lake and Mary Laschober reviewed the draft report, providing valuable feedback and advice. Caitlin Johnson and Daryl Hall provided editorial support. Felita Buckner produced the report, with assistance from Alfreda Holmes.

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