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Milestones in Health Information Standards

Milestones in Health Information Standards

August 21, 1996 HIPAA becomes law
October 1996 Implementation begins
July 9, 1997 Public Forum on Progress Toward Administrative Simplification
October 1997, updated May, 1999 HIPAA Implementation Guides and Data Dictionaries available for ANSI X12N Transaction Standards. Download free.
May 7, 1998 HHS Proposes Standards for Health Care Transactions
June 16, 1998 Shalala Proposes National Standard Employer Identifier
July 20-21, 1998 in Chicago Hearings on the Individual Identifier held by the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics. HHS prepared a White Paper as background information for these hearings. Reaction to discussion of individual identifier in absence of privacy protection prompted the administration to put this standard's development on hold.
August 11, 1998 HHS Proposes Security Standards for Electronic Health Data
August 17, 2000 HHS Publishes Final Rule on Standards for Electronic Health Care Transactions